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Title: STAFF AT RAISDALE 1935, the

Reference number: 8781

Date: 1935 - 1937

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bwcol

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 14.57 mins

Description: Staff of Cowan & Co. (hauliers) enjoy a garden party hosted by Mr Cowan at his house 'Raisdale' in Barrhead.

Additional information is held at Scottish Screen Archive, courtesy of the donor.

See also refs 8780 and 8782 for other titles in this collection.

Shotlist: [BW] four men [probably company directors] smoking in the garden, one is presumably Mr. Cowan (0.55) families of the employees invited to the garden party smile at the camera (1.00) c/u of a turkey in garden (1.03) men playing bowls on the lawn, large greenhouse and cold frames in background (1.17) women putting golf balls (1.31) man on a horse (1.37) gvs of the guests, some sit under sunshades (1.53) c/u of a car parked in the driveway, driver poses alongside [top half of picture is cut off unfortunately!] (2.01) brief shot man on horse (2.04) women play putting on the lawn (2.12) c/u of some of the guests as they smile at the camera, slow panning shots (3.07) 1936 pan across the guests at the staff garden party, sunny day (4.02) three men walking through a garden arch [possibly company directors?] (4.29) men kicking a football about on the lawn (4.42) two sets of couples walk towards the camera (5.13) [COL, faded to magenta] pan across the group of guests at the garden party (5.49) pan across the flower beds, including rhodedendrons. Brief shot of chickens in garden and a couple looking to camera (7.15) two girls standing by a flower bed, gvs flowers (7.31) girls swinging in a hammock (7.49) boy holding a young fox, walking fox on a lead (8.05) 1937 [BW] guests greeted as they arrive for the staff garden party (9.05) men arrive in a chauffeur driven car, [presumably company directors?] (9.19) afternoon tea is served in the garden, complete with best china cups (9.38) men playing football in a field (9.52) brief shot men playing tennis (10.08) c/u guests (10.21) [COL] c/u of flowers. Little girl walking through a garden as the water sprays overhead, c/u fish in a garden pond (10.43) gvs guests in the garden (11.05) man putting a golf ball (11.12) women playing bowls (11.18) pan across group of guests (12.24) guests are greeted at the door of the house (13.21) guests taking turns to put a golf ball (13.39) pan across the faces of guests (13.56) game of Blind Man's Buff with the children (14.07) pan across the faces of the guests at the garden party (14.57)