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Reference number: 3045

Date: 1977c

Sponsor: HIDB

Production company: Tree Films

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 16.23 mins

Description: Film outlines the impact that modern travel has on people and the places they live, compared to unmotorised transport. The presenter takes a look at the uses and drawbacks of different forms of travel, by cycle, train or aircraft.

Shotlist: shot taken from inside aeroplane's cockpit of runway as plane is about to land (0.22) int. of hotel, chamber maid comes out of lift with tray of breakfast and knocks on bedroom door (0.27) man in hotel bedroom wakes up and phones to find out the time and where he is (1.05) ext. The Excelcior Hotel (1.12) collage shots of man getting off aeroplane, in airport, getting into hired car, leaving hotel bedroom and getting into lift (1.57) man sitting at dining table on train looking out to station platform as young couple kiss each other goodbye, man talks about the fact that everyone is always on the move as he eats his lunch and watches the countryside go by (2.55) brief shot motorway, then of young boy on pony (3.20) young woman athlete running, and on bicycle (4.05) C. Gormley on bicycle (4.18) C. Gormley inside transort museum looking at different engine power (5.44) brief shots of skateboarding, cycling and road transport (6.04) C. Gormley sitting watching racing car on race track (6.29) shot of truck and Shell tanker on road (7.11) int. car with C. Gormley talking about driving on roads (7.27) shots of cars on motorway (7.45) aerial shot car park at Glasgow airport (7.55) shot of planes at airport and of plane taking off at Glasgow airport (8.14) shot of train moving on track (8.21) ints. sleeping berths in sleeper train (9.06) shot of C. Gormley asking directions on streets of town (9.52) C. Gormley choosing books in a mobile library (10.12) int. and ext. of Highland Regional Council mobile library as it is being driven along road (10.36) shot of cows on highland road with farmer (?) at their side on bicycle (10.57) int. car as it is being driven on highland road (11.13) C. Gormley leaping over rocks on river (11.24) shot of int. car as it drives over a bridge, and shot of C. Gormley pulling himself over a river on simple box bridge (12.00) shot of cars being taken over water on a ferry (12.29) shots of highand postal van carrying passengers (12.57) C. Gormley getting into a two seater plane and it taking off; he notes the finite nature of fossil resources (13.38) brief shot of two women at camper van (14.08) shots of planes (14.31) C. Gormley standing in empty field as helicoper arrives and takes him off holding on to rope ladder and into helicopter (16.17) ecs (16.23)