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Title: CLIMBERS, the

Reference number: 1811

Date: 1971

Director: d. Douglas Gray

Sponsor: Educational Films of Scotland

Production company: Park Film Studios Ltd.

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 19.03 mins

Description: An educational film for young people, explaining the skills necessary to gain experience in hill climbing.

File containing correspondence, scripts etc. held at National Library of Scotland Moving Image Archive.

Credits: w. Alastair Borthwick
comm. s. Alastair Borthwick
m. David Dorward

The Producers wish to thank Edinburgh Education Authority, The Scottish Council of Physical Recreation, Dunbartonshire Education Authority, The Scottish Youth Hostels Association for their help in the production of this film

Shotlist: Credits, EFS THE CLIMBERS (0.06) Rock climbers (0.15) Youth Hostel, people eating breakfast (0.22) Rock climbers preparing their rucksacs, looking at map (0.38) Rock climbers walking towards the Cuillin Hills (1.03) c/u of walking boots (1.10) walking down the hill (1.32) c/u of flowers (1.40) Duck swimming in water, flower (1.48) man drinking water which was running down the rocks (1.52) Shot of frog (1.55) gvs. of the mountains and the water flowing down them, people drinking from the mountain stream (2.25) l/s of people on side of mountain, ropes being tied to secure climbers, climbers reach the top of the rock as night approaches (4.50) people at top of mountain, view of other mountain tops (6.08) climbers climbing mountain covered in snow and ice, man sliding down hill stops by using his ice axe (6.42) Planting a "dead man" in the snow (6.55) leader securing rope in rock, sliding down hill (7.14) pan of mountains, walking on snow using snowgrips on boots (7.50) reading map in the snow (8.25) Building a snow shelter, wrapping a plastic bag around themselves (8.59) people shivering with the cold as they walk on the hill (9.44) exts. Glen More Lodge in the Cairngorms (9.50) classroom with students (10.06) Building igloos and snow shelters (10.30) Party on hill looking at map and compass (10.55) Shots of various mountaineering books (11.09) Rock Climber descending (11.33) people rock climbing, tying knots in ropes (14.21) Pegs being inserted into rock and slings attached (15.47) making food, people singing (16.07) tents, people eating (16.21) people eating, dancing, playing cards (16.42) Man looking at view from the top of a mountain, gvs. of mountains, Ben Nevis, Cairngorms, Cuillin Hills (18.30) Credits (19.03)