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  • Ayrshire
  • Glasgow
  • Invernesshire
  • Outer Hebrides


  • Employment, industry and industrial relations
  • Fish and fishing
  • Food and drink
  • Transport


  • Sponsored


  • 1970s

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Reference number: 3040

Date: 1976

Director: d. Robin Crichton

Sponsor: HIDB

Production company: Edinburgh Film Productions

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 26.07 mins

Description: Documentary showcasing Scottish developments in farming salmon, oysters, plaice and trout.

Credits: assistants: Mike Jones, Trish Crichton, Peter Moran, Caroline Armitage, Ian Fraser, Andy Sinton
anim. Edinburgh Camera Effects
Micro-Photography: Eric Lucey
sd. Ian Leslie
ed. Mike Pavett
camera Pete Warrilow, Gordon Coull
comm. Michael Elder
sc. Robin Crichton

Shotlist: Title (0.05) fish market and auctioneer (0.31) trawler with net full of white fish (0.48) salmon netting on River Esk (1.18) talking head Noel Smart in front of river Esk (2.12) salmon hatchery at Invergarry (2.23) exts. Angus Morgan speaks about salmon rearing outside salmon hatchery (2.36) c/u hatching of salmon alevin (2.57) Morgan continues explanation, by outside tanks at salmon hatchery intercut with shots of fish at different points of development (3.57) truck driving through west coast landscape (4.33) salmon being transferred to sea-cage via a plastic chute (5.00) c/u feeding of salmon (5.25) processing and vacuum packing of salmon (5.44) Ian MacFarland at salmon hatchery development station (6.58) ints. biological research lab (7.20) gvs trout at Highland Development Board trout hatchery, including yellow "sunbeam" trout (8.01) exts. trout farm; talking head Wallace Fairweather, intercut with views of trout being graded, machine gutted and gilled (9.29) indoor trout farming; c/u 12lb and 8oz trout side by side (10.50) Dave Brien working on his animal/ fish farm (11.22) delivering fish to local hotel (11.46) traditional fish pond in Galloway (12.00) archival still photographs of fishermen selling oysters (12.25) vox pops people eating oysters outside National Archive building in Edinburgh (13.42) photograph of Mayor of Scarborough eating oysters (13.56) l/s commercial oyster hatchery on Loch Creran (14.13) ints. oyster hatchery, PVC rack being lowered into oyster tank; pan over bottles of plankton (15.27) talking head Jerry Gerard (16.25) ints. oyster farm (16.54) exts. lowering of a line of oysters into a "raft" in sea water (17.10) talking head Jerry Gerard (17.45) pulling a line of mussels out of the water (18.14) Jerry Gerard holding a scallop (18.34) l/s oyster farm, Outer Hebrides (18.43) Simon Kingwell by indoor fishery tanks with plaice (19.22) fishmonger with halibut (19.34) two workers removing eggs from a turbot (19.59) c/u of lifecycle of turbot intercut with ints. of lab (20.32) tank with turbot (20.49) ext. of farming turbot, halibut and sole (21.18) sole fishery by nuclear power station at Hunterston (21.37) ints. warm water fishery with shots of eels in tank (22.19) animation illustrating quantities of feed required to produce meat in different animals (22.49) animation illustrating the lack of government support for fish farming (24.02) man netting a fish on Stirling University campus; gvs fish farming in Highlands (25.14) ecs (26.07)