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Title: DUNA BULL, the

Reference number: 2229

Date: 1972

Director: d. Laurence Henson

Sponsor: Films of Scotland

Production company: IFA (Scotland) Ltd.

Sound: sound

Original format: 35mm

Colour: col

Fiction: fiction

Running time: 32.00 mins

Description: A light-hearted comedy where Duna is an imaginary island lying far west of the Hebrides. When the islanders' only bull has to be destroyed they are faced with the problem of getting another to the island.

Films of Scotland first story film. References to the historical precedent of the evacuation of St Kilda. See production file, held at National Library of Scotland Moving Image Archive

Credits: w. Cliff Hanley from an idea by Forsyth Hardy
cast Juliet Cadzow, James Cosmo, Tom Watson, Martin Cochrane, Willy Joss, Mary Riggins, Jean Taylor Smith, Alexander McCrindle, Richard Harbord, Victor Carin, James Mackenzie, Roy Boutcher, Dudley Stuart Write, John Young and Willie, the bull
ph. Edward McConnell
m. Frank Spedding
cond. Marcus Dods
sd. rec. Ian Leslie
cam. ass. Bert Eeles
ass. d. Robert Fenell with Calum Laing
unit man. Daphne Reid

Shotlist: Map of Scotland and England panning to show imaginary Island of Duna (0.34) gvs "Duna" (North Sutherland) from Atlantic and on land (1.05) int. classroom (1.32) gvs island etc. (1.55) shots of various characters being informed of bulls by Helen - shots of bull and shooting bull (3.33) eating of bull, followed by meeting (5.42) gvs meeting on beach - sending of letter and message placed in can (6.50) shots of fisherman on boat relaying letter, etc., conversation - Helen and Calvin (8.32) int. in Hamburgh (8.55) shot of Edinburgh from Calton Hill looking down Princes Street (9.00) dialogue in Scottish Office (9.26) Farm at Inverness (10.50) Johnstone arriving at Duna shore (13.06) Helen and Johnstone walking over hills (14.50) Johnstone talking to crofters (15.30) Johnstone and Helen before meeting (17.36) shot of message in a can bobbing in sea and being washed ashore (17.53) shots of Scotsman Offices, Market Street, Edinburgh - Evening News vans (18.06) int. Scotsman office loading of bull with Johnstone (19.08) conversation between John and Helen (20.31) embarkation (delayed) at Inverness - gvs harbour (20.58) physical map of Scotland (21.30) Duna people getting aircraft to photograph "Bull needed Urgent" message (22.57) Secretary of State interviews Johnstone (23.54) Johnstone at Inverness (24.47)shoreline - Helen (25.13) waves crashing (27.16) Johnstone arriving at Duna with bull and Duna party in shoreline (26.37) cattle grazing (26.45) Duna party on shore and Johnstone in boat - bull escapes into water and eventually comes ashore, "brief love scene" , (30.44) credits (31.48)