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Reference number: 2614

Date: 1971

Director: d. Peter Hopkinson

Sponsor: Scottish Home and Health Department

Production company: Cairngorm Films Ltd.

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 25.01 mins

Description: A promotional film for the nursing profession presented by Andrew Cruickshank.

Synopsis from Scottish Central Film Library catalogue: "Shot in Scotland, this film shows nursing as a career for both young and older men and women. Andrews Cruickshank - Dr. Cameron of 'Dr. Finlay's Casebook' - presents certificates to nurses. Later, he chats with them, a ward sister and a nurse teacher, and as they describe some of their experiences the film illustrates basic and post-basic training of nurses and midwives and shows some of the subsequent opportunities for service in various fields of hospital and community nursing in Scotland. The Scottish Air Ambulance is also featured."

Credits: cam. Nobby Smith
ed. Roy Beeston
prod. man. John Bourne
[introduction Andrew Cruickshank]

This film was made with the co-operation of the Scottish Regional Health Boards

Shotlist: No titles. Nurses tending patients in wards (1.30) Mr. Andrew Cruickshank presents badges and certificates to nurses and gives speech (3.57) A.C. talking with nurses (4.29) shots of student nurses in lecture, and training in wards with older patients and young children (6.32) ext. Gartnavel Hospital; ints. Sister Tutor's office, she advises two student nurses; (7.06) various nursing careers; Health Visitor; District Nursing (8.08) ext. Craigshill Health Centre (8.27) a midwife at work at an ante-natal clinic (9.02) a nurse coping with an emergency in a ward (10.37) Sister talking about psychiatric nursing; talking head AC (12.01) tracking shot from car; a male psychiatric nursing student is shown at work (14.30) Nurse Tutor speaking to group (14.47) int. shot of air ambulance flying from a Hebridean island with a patient being tended by nurse (15.28) ext. Craig Phadrig Hospital, Inverness (15.59) ext. and int. Ninewells Hospital, Dundee (16.26) ext. hospital at Aberdeen (16.50) int. cockpit of air ambulance and shots of it landing at airport and the nurse helping patients out to waiting St. Andrew's ambulance (18.18) A.C. speaking about nursing as a career (18.52) shot of a surgical team at an operation (19.31) shot of nurses training (20.23) nurse in children's ward dealing with an emergency (21.42) general shots of nurses at work; nurse leaving work, she runs to an open-topped sports car, scarf flying (24.08) A.C. talking about recent re-organisation of the Scottish NHS and opportunities available for nurses, illustrated by map of Scotland showing the fifteen Health Boards (24.48) ecs (25.01)