TOPLINER: The Manufacture of Industrial Refractories

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Title: TOPLINER: The Manufacture of Industrial Refractories

Reference number: 2985

Date: 1968

Director: [d. Eddie McConnell (?)]

Sponsor: Films of Scotland and John G Stein & Co Ltd

Production company: IFA (Scotland) Ltd

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bwcol

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 21.30 mins

Description: The story of John G Stein & Co., manufacturer of industrial refractories. Explores the processes of manufacture, sources of materials and scientific examination of the finished brick.

See also refs 2070, 2071, 2072, 2073.

Credits: On behalf of John G Stein & Co Ltd member of General Refractories Group
[ph. Eddie McConnell (?)]

Shotlist: [COL] c/u molten steel in furnace (0.49) title, overlaid on diagram marking Stein factory location, Grangemouth (1.13) model of Stein fire brick complex (1.28) shots of men operating machinery used to sample cores of fire clay (2.16) l/s ext. Stein's clay factory (2.37) [B&W] shots of men working underground mining for fire clay v/o mentions "Victorian" atmosphere (3.33) [COL] truck loaded with fireclay drives along road (3.40) brief aerial shot mountains and shot of explosion for clay mining [probably in South Africa] (4.02) shots of men drilling and breaking up bauxite and flint clay in Africa, extracting of chrome ore in the Philippines, extracting magnesite in Greece which is then loaded onto cargo ship (5.03) aerial shot of men laying bricks inside kiln construction (5.21) c/u molten steel (5.31) samples of clay etc. being inspected in Stein's laboratories at Castlecary (5.53) c/u fixing slice of mineral to a glass slide, ground until translucent for inspection in lab - c/u of minerals under microscope (6.52) shots of clay being tested (7.41) c/u moulds being made (8.21) shots of two women unloading newly pressed bricks inside Stein factory, Manuel Works (9.08) gvs interior of factory with newly pressed bricks (9.48) shots of man checking temperature of kilns (10.28) shots of loaded cars of bricks moving through kiln (11.08) c/u of loads of completed different specialised bricks (11.47) pan rooftops of Stein's Refractories works (12.12) shot of training class for workers at Steins (12.49) shot of designers at work, drawing plans (13.21) int. Steins store and c/u bricks being given steel cladding (14.00) c/u mineral under microscope (14.34) testing for tension (15.48) building of a furnace roof in a mock up (16.50) brief shot cargo ships in dock (17.03) shots of men making hand-made bricks at Steins (18.01) pan ext. Steins (18.24) c/u machinery (hoppers) at work (19.07) diagram of the hopper arrangement and control panel, the automated mixing process starts (20.12) shot of newly made bricks stacked on palettes (20.35) map showing export markets for Stein's Refractories (20.51) c/u bubbling molten steel (21.04) ecs (21.30)