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Family scenes at the home of the Stein family - featuring a tennis party. A baby is admired by many adults (and passed from pillar to post!) (clip)

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Family scenes at the home of the Stein family - a little girl in bath by the fire, playing with tea set and doll (only becoming self conscious when she realises she is being filmed!) (clip)

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  • 1930s

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Reference number: 2073

Date: 1932 - 1934

Director: [filmed by Norman Stein]

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 27.00 minsc

Description: Family scenes at the home of the Stein family, owners of the Stirlingshire Stein Brickworks.

One of collection of family film made by Norman Stein (deceased) and son Alaistair (1950s) concerning the domestic life of the Stein family and their family-owned brickworks, J. G. Stein of Bonnybridge (becoming GR-Stein Refractories in the 1970s). Some information for shotlist supplied during viewing by member of the family. For history of the film, see publication STEIN OF BONNYBRIDGE by Kenneth W. Sanderson.

See Refs. 2070-2075; 7056 and 7065 - 7069.

Shotlist: [Please note actual speed is 18fps but this shotlist is at 24fps. Overall timing at 18fps is 27.00 minsc]

No credits. Shots at Mondwood and Millfield 1932. Family in grounds of house, "Monkwood" at Kilgraston, Edinburgh, home of Norman Stein's mother (3.03) Nanny in uniform with baby. shots of Governess and children. gvs of family at "Millfield", Polmont, home of Col. Alan Stein (9.43)

No credits. [*1934] Family playing tennis (1.32) Baby [Sheila] in bath by fire (2.37) family in garden at "Millfield" (4.35) hunt and hounds meet outside house (7.00)
[Original can marked "Mother, Alan and Dad. Hunt. Joan. Sheila in bath"]

No credits. [1934] Family in garden at Langarth. "Isobel Ann" as baby in bath (.38) interior shots of children's tea party (1.41) Family in garden, lots of people are on horseback (3.04)
[Original can marked "Ann in nursery, Langarth 1934. Isobel Ann in bath"]