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Reference number: 2209

Date: 1961

Director: d. Robert Irvine

Sponsor: Films of Scotland and Templeton Carpets Ltd.

Production company: Anglo Scottish Pictures

Sound: sound

Original format: 35mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 17.32 mins

Description: Carpet manufacturing processes in the Templeton factory, Glasgow.

Paper archive file held.

Credits: ph. Eddie Earp
cam. op. Jim Goding
ed. Ron Trainer
comm. w. & s. Stuart Legg from a treatment by P.A.I.Rogers

Shotlist: [Shotlisted at different speed. Actual timing is 17.32 mins @ 24 fps]

credits (.40) gvs coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, 1953 (1.13) illustrations of Queen Victoria's coronation and the Great Exhibition of 1851 (1.40) shot of Glasgow Cathedral's spire (1.44) shot of Glasgow Cathedral with Royal Infirmary in background and part of graveyard in foreground (1.53) pan shot of man walking along a street towards Bridgeton Cross; he passes a poster advertising McEwan's Export (2.07) ext. shot of Templeton's Carpet factory, with children playing in foreground (2.13) gvs int. carpet factory. People operating machinery, and c/u of machinery in operation (3.13) people creating patterns in the design department (4.00) shot of nun walking across a carpet in a Madrid convent (4.23) pattern designer at his work table talks to camera (4.56) c/u of carpet designs (5.28) people in workshops adding final touches of colour by hand, and laying out segments of new carpet (5.55) teenage girl lying on completed carpet doing her homework (6.00) ornately patterned fan opens on black background (6.07) illustrations of eighteenth century aristocrats in grand room (6.14) int. shot of room in Osterly (?) Park mansion with eighteenth century furniture (6.22) man painting carpet design and c/u of other carpet patterns (7.08) young girl playing on carpet (7.16) (9.01) and painting a pattern precisely onto a grid (9.20) people choosing the wool for new designs (9.46) wool being dyed in vats (10.24) women hand-sewing wool into carpets (10.39) carpet weaving in factory; various processes (12.20) diagrams of different materials that go into a carpet and the way they are woven together (13.00) further shots of weaving process (13.23) women clean excess material from finished carpet (13.36) shots of the various stages of weaving a patterned carpet (15.05) loose material is removed from a carpet by hand and machine (15.50) shot of large carpet in Victorian style boardroom (15.56) carpets being wrapped and labelled with destination in store-room (16.27) aerial shot of ocean-going liner (16.32) int. of large sumptuous ship's cabin (16.37) water level shot of another liner (16.43) ext. of parliament buildings in Wellington, New Zealand. gvs ext. of Parliament House, Cape Town, South Africa. Ext. shots of Transvaal Grand Lodge. Ext. views of government building at Lusaka, Africa. Ext. shots of Government House at Zonda (?) Shots of workers at their jobs in Templeton's carpet factory intercut with the foregoing sequences (17.24) panning shot of New York with the UK building and the Empire State building intercut with shots of the carpet factory (17.35) ext. of the White House intercut with shots of carpet factory (17.41) ext. and int shots of the Festival Hall intercut with shots of carpet factory (17.48) panning shot of Houses of Parliament intercut with carpet factory scenes (18.00) ext. of the Templeton's carpet factory of Glasgow Green (18.12) ecs (18.38)