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  • Arts and crafts
  • Institutional care
  • War


  • Documentary
  • Sponsored


  • Campbell Harper Productions
  • Films of Scotland Committee
  • HARPER, Alan James


  • 1960s

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Reference number: 2002

Date: 1968

Director: d. Henry Cooper

Sponsor: Films of Scotland and the Scottish National Institution for the War Blinded

Production company: Campbell Harper Films

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 25.00 mins

Description: The work of the Scottish National Institution for the War Blinded.

Credits: comm. Robert Kemp and George Bruce
narr. Tom Fleming
ph. Mark Littlewood
sd. rec. Brian Henniker
p. Alan Harper
m. The Regimental Band of the Cameronians (Scottish Rifle) bandmaster Thomas Charlton

Shotlist: Credits (.14) l/s of glen (.21) gvs lochs (.30) pan to shot of stately house in background then c/u blind ex-serviceman (.43) general c/u of water (1.07) c/u blind piper, Harry Forbes, c/u other blind ex-servicemen (1.46) gvs Newington house with Arthur's seat in background (2.07) blind ex-serviceman John Hunter walking down a Glasgow street, Bill Edward led by a guide dog in a Glasgow street (2.34) ext. blind people's workshops in Queen's Crescent, Glasgow (2.44) gvs interior, Queen's Crescent (3.31) view from window of Queen's Crescent workshop in gardens across road (3.40) gvs Linburn, west of Edinburgh, with blind people led by guide dogs (4.38) int. house - family finishing breakfast; daughter helps blind father with coat (5.04) ext. house - blind father leaves house with children, and he follows guide rail (5.27) car arrives outside building, blind man gets out (5.38) int. office at Linburn, superintendent (6.08) c/u better headings from international companies (6.15) gvs airport, plane in flight (6.33) tilt shot underneath major bridge (6.40) gvs Royal Highland Show, ext. c/u of Scottish National Institution for the War Blinded stand, display of products, interior stand (7.11) ext. visitor at Linburn (7.21) int. Linburn - display of products (8.00) gvs int. workshops at Linburn, c/u of various items in production (12.12) man examining swords (12.23) Highland dancer performs sword dance, shots of piper playing (13.14) piper plays for people sitting in garden on deck-chairs (13.28) int. gvs hospital for the blind, gardens tended by patients (15.21) blind people entering restaurant in Argyle Street (?) Glasgow with guide dogs (15.49) blind people walking in countryside near Linburn with guide dogs (16.42) blind man talking to customers in sweetie shop (17.01) ext. Wilkeston post office with children running past (17.11) children in swing park and boys laying football (17.38) double wedding ceremony couples outside church, int. of large hall with wedding reception (18.06) ext. shots of blind people bowling (19.02) braille being read and printed (19.55) blind man walking in street with white stick, c/u of someone telling time from special blind person's watch (20.12) elderly blind man eating meal and spending time with his family (20.45) signpost for Lochgilphead pans to l/s of Lochgilphead (20.50) blind woman typing, knitting, then chopping cabbage (21.34) l/s of man fishing and c/u of family having picnic by lochside with person with a disability in a portable bed (22.05) blind party on boat trip on "Maid of the Loch", l/s of "Maid of the Loch" on Loch Lomond (22.54) people descending hillside steps with Portpatrick in background (23.07) int. Portpatrick Parish Church - shot of stained glass window and tilting shot to blind minister conducting service (23.20) ext. tilt shot from steeple to congregation leaving Portpatrick Parish Church (23.46) gvs of Portpatrick (23.50) c/u blind ex-serviceman pans to seascape, gvs lake and hills (24.23) ecs (24.48)