OBAN 1951

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Title: OBAN 1951

Reference number: 1780

Date: 1951

Director: filmed by I. Dunnachie

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 12.59 mins

Description: A prize-winning film at the Scottish Amateur Film Festival of 1952, it tells of the adventures of two children on holiday in Oban.

Winner of the Marshall Quiach - for the best entry by a member of the Scottish Association of Amateur Cinematographers

Adjudicators comment - "This film had a charming tone with beautiful close-ups of children. It was well directed and had one very special quality - the story was seen through children's eyes. The maker seemed to get into their minds and see things as they saw them. Here and there the camerawork was not so good as it mighthahve been. Some of the shots were a little off colour. On the whole, however, a very nice piece of work."

Credits: Scottish Amateur Film Festival 1952
A prize-winning film

Shotlist: [Please note this film has been shotlisted from VHS copy, timings are converted from 25fps.]

Credits (0.14); Two small girls walk down a flight of steps (0.22); Drive yourself motor boats, 7/6d hr. Young children get into a small boat with an adult. Views of Oban harbour and coastline (1.46); The children get out of the boat and walk along Oban promenade, watching the various activities around them - a man feeding the seagulls, men working on a boat (2.11); The children are seen walking into the distance along a road (3.09); Signpost marked To Pulpit Hill (3.13); Children walking along roads until they reach the compass indicator plinth (3.58); Close-up of the compass (4.04); The children study the compass, intercut with shots of Oban [before McCaig's Tower was built], nearby land and seascapes (4.52); Children walk along road and watch men playing shinty (5.47); They walk up to a house and read a notice about The Cathedral of Trees (5.57); Close-up of the notice (6.04); The two girls enter the Cathedral of Trees and look round (7.18); Street scenes in Oban as the two girls do some shopping (7.49); Shot of the beach and coastline (8.14); The girls play on the swings and roundabout, then on the beach (10.49); They ascend a large flight of stairs (10.59); The girls get ready for bed (11.22); A pipe band marches along the seafront as the children watched from a window; the girls get into bed and go to sleep (12.24); Silhouette of hills (12.48); ecs (12.59)