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Reference number: 1631

Date: 1954

Director: d. Henry Cooper

Sponsor: National Association for Prevention of Tuberculosis

Production company: Campbell Harper Films Ltd.

Sound: sound

Original format: 35mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 10.26 mins

Description: The work of the East Fortune Sanatorium, East Lothian, showing the staff at work, patients waiting to be x-rayed and the facilities enjoyed by patients including the library and leisure activities such as golf and snooker.

Credits: medical adviser Dr. William Murray of East Fortune Hospital
sc. adviser Miss Elizabeth Harrison of NAPT
ph. Gordon MacKay
recorded by W. J. Maclean

Shotlist: Credits (0.15); Shots of hospital chalets, probably East Fortune Sanatorium, East Lothian (0.20); Shots of women patients sitting outside chatting with a nurse. New female patient (.30); Shots of woman patient sewing (0.33); A patient leaves (0.38); Shots of a new nurse (0.43); Shots of children with doctor and nurse (0.46); The doctor and nurse talking together (1.05); The hospital in early morning (1.13); Night nurse writing a report for the matron (1.18); Day staff making up the beds (1.25); Shots of a cleaner with vacuum cleaner in the ward (1.30); An ambulance (1.32); Shots of boilers for hot water (1.36); Clean laundry (1.40); Shots of the kitchen (1.43); A secretary and telephonist in the office with the hospital's postman (1.50); Matron's inspection with the ward sister (2.04); Shots of the ward physician with the ward sister as they walk around the patients looking at x-rays (2.34); Nurse with artificial pneumothorax refills for a patient (2.47); General views of laboratory technicians at work (2.56); Shots of the Pharmacy and delivery of drugs (3.07); Patients waiting to be x-rayed to check on their progress (3.22); Shots of a physiotherapist with patients (3.35); In the operating theatre with surgeons, nurses and the anaesthetist (3.55); Training class for nurses on blood (4.02); Nurses are introduced to a dummy patient (4.10); The Physician Superintendant with fellow workers (4.40); Lunchtime nearly over. The Physician talks with matron about various problems (4.53); Shot of a fat man (v/o mentions the good hospital food) (5.00); Doctor tells his patient to rest (5.05); Group Superintendant and Chief discussing improvements to the buildings. (5.11); Shots of welfare officer with patients (5.17); The chaplain talking to patients (5.28); Counteracting the problem of boredom by giving the patients something to do by occupational and art therapists (5.52); Teaching the young children patients (5.57); Shots of a patient learning from his bed (6.03); Children patients playing (6.09); Shot of library trolley in a ward (6.13); Shots of woman patient in bed busy with her embroidery (6.20); Shots of various leisure activities - golf, snooker, playing records (6.29); Visitors arrive by bus (6.45); Waving goodbye to bus outing (6.52); Patient looking through papers in office before going home (6.59); Chief enters office to give patient some advice (7.15); Exterior of Outpatients (7.29); Interior Outpatients with nurses and patients, one of whom is being weighed (7.38); Chief broadcasts to patients on hospital radio (8.06); A patient smoking (8.10); Chief broadcasting (8.12); Shots of patients putting (8.19); Visiting dentist (8.22); Woman tries on pair of glasses given to her by visiting optician (8.28); Visit of DRO (8.31); Girl patient writing (8.34); Scottish pipers on Open Day (8.36); Shots of stalls and games on Open Day (8.54); Shots of Chief broad-casting again (9.08); Matron at evening time (9.15); Nurses changing shifts (9.24); Evening time in the wards with night nurse making her first round (9.40); Night sister writing in her office (9.47); Ward physician and nurse going the rounds (10.07); ecs (10.26)