Grandpa's birthday cake - the family enjoy the celebrations even though it was made from paper (sugar was still rationed)! (clip)

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Reference number: 5805

Date: 1947 / 1948 / 1951

Director: [filmed by Robert Gray]

Sound: silent

Original format: 9.5mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 53.41 mins

Description: Four amateur films of a family enjoying days out at Portobello and Ayr beaches, fair grounds, Gala Days and Highland Games.

One brief section at home sets the film in its post-war context: Grandpa's Birthday cake. Rationing of sugar did not end until 1953. For this birthday celebration in 1948, a decorative cardboard cover is used to replace the effect of (rationed) icing - Grandpa and his family happily send this up. As Grandpa "cuts" his cake, small pieces of paper spall up from the cardboard decoration. Family members hold it up, grinning as they pretend to pick at the icing.

Shotlist: [Shotlisted from VHS copy, at 18fps and 16fps]

Reel 1 [16fps]

gvs of family group standing by allotment; c/u individuals (0.46) FUN AT THE FAIR. (0.50) gvs of children on merry go round and playing at a stall (1.21) gvs girls in back court playing with dolls and prams (1.37) gvs family relaxing on beach, c/u of various members of family, including girl holding up a small ball, "A Present from Portobello" (1.56) ms merry go round (2.01) gvs family walking on bridge with toll house (2.57) pipe band and Guides parade to Wishaw old parish church, Lanarkshire (3.46) ls men cleaning out a water tank (3.57) ms girl holding up Guides' banner; c/u "1st Bonkle 133rd Lanarkshire" (4.05) ls female family group outside small cottage; c/u sign "Old Trough formerly in use at Tam O' Shanter Inn, Ayr"; c/u trough (4.26) brief ints. spinning wheel; c/u sign outside Burns' Cottage (4.40) ls family on bridge; ls Brig o' Doon, family drink tea by the river (5.08) family at beach in Ayr (5.37) family in allotment/back garden; brief shot of cat (6.23) Congregational Seaside Service; man on platform narrates bible story enacted by children to a small crowd [The Good Samaritan?] (6.58) brief shot family walking along promenade; shots of family on various rides, rollercoaster (7.33) Newmains Co-op Gala Day (7.37) family playing on Newmains beach (8.20) girls in a small trap pulled by a pony (8.30) 'Glenfinnan' ship approaching pier; car disembarking (8.43) wedding party outside church; shots of bride and groom being given a horseshoe and guests; Long Row Coatbridge? (9.48) ints. couple cutting cake [dark] (9.54) c/u Wishaw Co-operative Society banner (9.58) gvs march and gala day, races in park including brief shot slips being exchanged for money prizes? (11.04) Newmains Co-op Gala Day (11.06) gvs march, brass band followed by crowds of children; gvs children's races (11.48) Shotts Highland Games. At Hannah Recreation Grounds Shotts on 1st September 1951 (11.54) brief shot parade led by kilted men (11.59) ls Highland dancing competition (12.04) "THE RACES" (12.09) gvs same and long jump (12.28) CYCLE RACING (12.32) gvs same and women's foot race (12.58) THE HIGHLAND DANCING (13.04) gvs girls dancing in sailor costume (13.14) THE MASSED PIPED BAND PARADE (13.17) gvs same [dark hard to see] (14.08) AT DUNOON (14.12) Caledonian Ladies Pipe band, other bands (14.35) ls steamer; sea and seagulls (15.00) c/u women and girls on bus (15.18) ints men working at a bench (15.23)

Reel 2 [18fps]

ROBERT GRAY PRESENTS PORTOBELLO AUG. 1948 (0.15) gvs of sea crashing against wall and windy beach (0.27) family on beach [dark hard to see], family on promenade (2.20) fairground rides; children on LMS train ride, helter skelter, merry go round (3.04) child hanging on tree and trees (3.13) shots of group of children dressed for Gala day, Gala Day Queen and King at front (3.27) gvs picnic on hillside (3.48) ms steamer coming into dock; large naval vessel (4.23) gvs children's parade (5.11) Highland dancing competition (5.18) married couple leaving home under a shower of confetti; children scramble for coins as car leaves (5.55) various members of family posing for camera; family members walk and skip down garden path, two by two (6.39) ms flower beds in park (7.08) Forth Rail Bridge; shots steam train crossing (7.29) gvs family on beach (8.32) aeroplane flying in sky (8.40) family on pier (8.58) family building a snowman and children having snowball fight (10.03) Cargo Liner in dock; ls women and girl walking alongside it; name, "Pyrrhus" (10.28) GRANDPA'S BIRTHDAY CAKE (10.30) ints. old couple pose with cake; Grandpa "cuts" cake [white cardboard decoration]; smiling family members hold up the cake and pretend to pick at the icing (11.06) GATHERING CATKINS (11.10) gvs same (11.25) 300ft

Reel 3 [18fps]

gvs of Wedding (50s) shots bridesmaids posed by church door; bride arrives; shots of married couple and guests (1.01) [very dark] shots of cake being cut (1.09) ms girl in Gala day dress by flower bed in garden and holding baby (1.59) Gala Queen is crowned with a tiara of flowers outside house (2.21) gvs Gala day parade through village; Gala Queen in a car; "Little Flower Girls" pass (2.54) shots of cows; girl patting calf; ms mother and child (3.56) children playing on beach (4.40) Ayr 1950 (4.44) family paddling by beach; children build sandcastle; girls on slide; camera follows climbing up ladder and sliding down (5.48) gvs children on miniature steam railway (5.59) woman and two girls walk down steep path (6.17) funfair at night [dark hard to see] (6.53) family group; ls Highland dancing display on bandstand (7.10) Gala Queen and other children in Gala dress pose for camera (7.19) Gala procession (8.58) brief elevated shot ceremony in bandstand (9.05) girl throws a ball with some of her older relatives; close shots individuals (8.58) ms girl eating candy floss (9.06) blank (9.08) THE PARADE (9.22) gvs of children walking down street holding Union Jack flags, led by a pipe band (9.48) shots women's race; sweeties; women dispensing sweets (10.08) ls family eating sweets (10.16) children netting small fish in a stream; c/u tiddlers in jam jar (10.39) gvs family picnicking; ls girls holding up jam jars on strings (11.16) "Dalzell Highland Pipe Band" marching down street, followed by "Clan MacRae Society"; "Braemar Girls Pipe Band" (11.41) gvs of Cowal? Highland Games (13.21) girl with trophy (13.26) elevated shot of pipe bands gathering in field (14.15)

Reel 4 [18fps]

R. GRAY PRESENTS NEWMAIN'S PIPE BAND CONTEST JUNE 1947 (0.06) gvs of pipe bands marching (0.57) WATERLOO GALA DAY AUG. 1947 (1.01) gvs of people and pipe bands marching; children's races (1.39) NEWMAINS PIPE BAND VICTORY MARCH (1.46) ls procession; c/u two men and a boy parading silver trophies, including a large shield followed by pipe band (2.07) THE TROPHIES, (2.13) gvs trophies (2.18) WATERLOO GALA DAY 1949 (2.21) Gala day children's procession, led by pipe band (2.47) c/u milk being poured for children seated in park; childrens race, girls perform dance for crowd (3.14) Pipe band procession; Glasgow Police; gvs of Highland Games, including ls of spectators stand and caber event (4.24) brief shot children playing in playground; pan over family lined up in garden (4.57) WEE DOT AND MARY GRAY (4.59) gvs of girls, children and family at leisure and play in the garden and a playpark; children patting a litter of kittens in a bowl (10.55) WEE DAVID (11.00) still photo of David (11.09) shots of swans on river; rowing boat and nearby cottage (11.36) Gala Day; gvs procession of Flower girls and fancy dress including Neptune; Gala Queen; (12.11) ls platform party [flower girls wear coats against the rain] (12.38)