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Title: COUNTY CLERK, the

Reference number: 1351

Date: 1950

Sponsor: Central Office of Information for the Scottish Home Department

Production company: Campbell Harper Films Ltd.

Sound: sound

Original format: 35mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 20.18 mins

Description: The role of the County Clerk in a small Scottish town. Shot in and around Stirling.

Shot inside the former County Council offices at Viewforth and exteriors of the Burgh Town Hall. Somewhere in the scene in the council chambers was spotted Jimmy Plank, later Stirling's Lord Provost [this information was supplied by members of Bridge of Allan Local History Society]

Preservation of this film supported by the National Heritage Memorial Fund.

Shotlist: Credits (0.13); The County Clerk walks through the streets and enters Council Chambers (0.36); Enters office, reads memo and stares out window (1.02); Shots of hills (1.13); Main street in market town (1.18); Shots in foundry, of a village, in factory (1.45); Shots of a meeting of the County Council (4.10); Shots of a Councillor at work (4.28); Telephonists at switchboard (4.41); Various councillors at work and talking to Clerk (5.35); Clerk in office discussing closure of small country schools, etc. (7.40); Ministry of Health Officials inspecting cargo vessel for possible cholera (7.53); Shots of architects' drawings for housing (8.17); Shot of new houses at Braeside (8.26); Clerk in office (8.35); Shots of people in the Library (8.57); Page from book (9.18); Scientist addressing Council on civil defence (9.43); Fire engine returns station. Shots of the Fire Station (10.03); Shot outside Police HQ as Clerk is shown "new" radio car (10.32); Shots of County Clerk's office as he receives visitors from an electrical company (12.04); Shots of Company officials visiting a site (12.26); Shots of the County Clerk's office again - meeting continues (14.35); General views construction of power station and oil refinery (15.28); Shots of road and cars (15.36); Power lines (15.43); Shots of new housing (16.13); Children's playground (16.26); Shots of forestry (16.43); Shots inside a library, men playing dominoes, men playing bowls (17.23); Small children in nursery school. (17.40); Shots inside school dining hall and classroom as the school milk is issued (18.06); Clerk's office as various people call. Clerk stands at the window (20.14); ecs (20.18)