LOTHIANS, PART I: The Land and Its Use

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Title: LOTHIANS, PART I: The Land and Its Use

Reference number: 1764

Date: 1955*

Sponsor: Joint Production Committee of SEFA and SFC

Production company: Campbell Harper Films Ltd.

Sound: silent

Original format: 35mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 6.07 mins

Description: Hill farming, harvesting, dairy farming and small holdings in the Lothians. Golfers at North Berwick, horse racing at Musselburgh and the beach at Portobello are also featured.

See 11/1/305 for Teaching notes. See also ref. 1765 for Part II. Paper Archive 1/6/67 for typescript, treatment notes, etc.

Shotlist: No credits. The Lothians. The land and its uses. On the hills. Map with named areas. Pentlands, Moorfoots, Lammermuirs. Gvs landscape (.35) Gvs sheep and lambs (.53) Shots of sheep at auction (1.15) On the plains. Gvs workers harvesting potato crop, tractor assisting them (1.38) Shots of men harvesting hay (1.56) Shots of men and women picking strawberries (2.13) Gvs cows being milked by machine (2.31) Gvs bottling factory (2.36) Shots of pigs being fed (3.00) Gvs produce being delivered to Market Street, Edinburgh (3.17) Milk being delivered to homes and stores (3.34) On large farms the workers live in cottages near the farmhouse. Gvs farmhouse and surrounding buildings (4.09) At the busy seasons, workers travel by bus from nearby towns. Gvs workers getting onto bus (4.16) Small holdings are worked by the farmer and his family. Gvs greenhouses (4.32) Shots of pig and piglets feeding (4.39) Hens are fed by woman and child (4.50) On the coast. Gvs golfers at North Berwick (5.01) Shots of horse racing at Musselburgh (5.14) Gvs outdoor swimming pool at North Berwick (5.25) Gvs donkey rides on beach (5.37) Gvs children playing on beach at Portobello (5.53) End credits (6.07).