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Preparations for a flight to Ireland by Midland & Scottish Air Ferries from Renfrew Airport, including shots of Winnie Drinkwater, known as the ‘Scottish Amy Johnson’. (clip)

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Reference number: 1322

Date: 1933

Director: filmed by Mr. Dick, amateur cinematographer

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 13.33 mins

Description: To Ireland by Midlands and Scottish Air Ferries Ltd. Shots of Renfrew airport where the plane is pulled out from the hangar and passengers board. Aerial shots of Arran and views of Belfast, Galway, Westport, Sligo and Derry. The return journey is by sea in the "Lairdsmoor".

Shotlist: No credits. West Nile Street, 2.30 (0.02); Shot of a car advertising Midlands and Scottish Air Ferries Limited, Renfrew - car in West Nile Street, Glasgow (0.06); Renfrew, 3.00 pm. Wide shot of Renfrew airport with close-up of Midland Scottish air ferry and a man starting the engines (0.50); Miss Winnie Drinkwater. Miss Drinkwater and male pilot walk onto the airfield (1.04); The plane is pulled out from the hanger and the engines started (1.24); Close-up of passengers boarding the plane (1.30); Shot of plane taking off (1.58); From the air. aerial shots brief ints. plane, and ship on the sea (3.21) Passing Arran (3.21) Aerial shot of Arran, (3.48); Campbeltown. (3.49); Aerial shot of Campbeltown; tracking shots from plane; ints plane (4.52); Ireland, 4.30 pm. (4.53) tracking shots and landing (5.30) Shots of sights and streets scenes in Belfast (6.56) Dundalk (6.57) street scenes; (7.10) Galway (7.11) municipal buildings and cottages; street scenes, including brief shot street entertainers?; greengrocer (8.24) Galway Miss Shapero & Father X (8.26) young woman and man in dark robes (8.32) The Ancient Memorial of the stern & unbending Justice of the chief magistrate, Jas. Lynch, elected Mayor 1493 AD who condemned his own guilty son, Walter on this spot Galway the Lynch Castle (8.46) gvs ruin of Lynch Castle (8.56) street scenes (9.32) Westport (9.33) West port House (9.40) The 'Reek Smallest Chapel on Summit' (9.42) same (9.57) J. McGing (9.58) c/u same in bow tie, and group of men; elderly woman travelling by cart; street scene (10.36) Denis O'Neil (10.37) c/u same (10.19) Ballina (10.20) same (10.24) Sligo and Londonderry, street scenes (12.48); Coming up the Clyde in the Lairdsmoor. (12.50); Shots from the Lairdsmoor of various Clyde Shipyards, including Yarrows, John Brown's and Fairfield's. (13.33).