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Reference number: 1270

Date: 1949

Sponsor: GB Instructional Ltd.

Production company: Junior Activity Films

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 15.52 mins

Description: Children visit John Brown's shipyard in Clydebank and see vessels under construction and being fitted out.

Credits: p. John C. Elder

Shotlist: Credits (0.24); George and I spent our third day in town visiting a shipbuilding yard (0.29); Exterior of the shipyard offices as John Brown's yard, Clydebank (0.41); We were taken to the yard manager and he showed us the building slips (0.51); Shot of the boy and girl being introduced to the yard manager (1.12); General shots of the yard, including shots of a steam train and a crane. (1.40); In the platers' shed we saw steel plates being marked, punched and bent between rollers (1.49); Close-ups of the platers marking the steel (2.09); Three men carry a steel plate to the rollers (2.17); Close-up of a man operating the rolling machine and close-ups of the plate being punched and rolled (2.54); In the yard we saw riveters at work (2.58); Shots of the riveters at work, including shots of the rivets being heated and then thrown to the riveter. Close-up of the rivet being worked into the plates (3.51); Welders joining girders to plates (3.55); Close-up of the welders at work (4.11); And welding machine joining plates (4.15); Close-up of the machine in operation, use by man seated on a small stool (5.17); We watched part of a ship - a stern bulkhead - being joisted into position (5.27); The stern bulkhead is lowered into position by a large crane, men climb over the large steel sections as they work to position the bulkhead (6.20); At one slip the keel and bottom plates were being fitted and we walked between the blocks underneath them (6.30); Shot of the keel and men fitting supporting timbers under it; shots of the yard manager walking under the structure with the boy and girl (7.41); From the river band we looked along the building slips at the different ships (7.51); Shots of same (8.02); And watched men working on the hull of one. (8.07); Shot of same (8.29); We saw one of the shaped plates being hauled into position (8.35); Shot of men lifting the plate with pulleys and ropes (9.05); At the stern men were working on the parts which carry the propellers (9.12); Shots of same (9.56); The yard manager with the boy and girl walk up the gang plank to the ship. (10.28); General shots of men working on top deck of the ship (10.51); Deck plates were being bolted into place before riveting (10.56); Shots of men working on the top deck (11.22); The yard manager and his young guests leave the ship to look at the drag chains which are used for launching the ship (12.10); The manager explained how great chains act as drags when the ship is being launched and stop it once it is afloat. (12.20) Shots of unidentified ship being launched (13.13); At the dock we boarded a ship which had been launched some weeks before and was being "fitted out". (13.22) Shot of the "Norfolk" being fitted out as joiners painters, etc. go to work. Wood hoisted to ship from horse-drawn cart (15.15); George was keenly interested but I was rather bewildered and glad when the stopping whistle sounded. (15.26) Men leaving the yard (15.33) ecs (15.52)