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Reference number: 11276

Date: 1982, September 28

Sound: sound

Colour: bw

Fiction: fiction

Running time: 125.21 mins

Description: A stage performance of John Cranko's Romeo and Juliet performed by The Scottish Ballet at the Theatre Royal in Glasgow. [Cranko’s version of the ballet was originally created for the Stuttgart Ballet in 1962] . The original musical track for this performance has been replaced by a piano track, performed by Trevor Walker.

The well-known story of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare tells the tale of two young people whose chance of love and happiness is destroyed by the bitter feuding of their families (ended only by the lovers’ death) and unhappy twists of fate.

The Scottish Theatre Archive holds material relating to this performance including: Romeo and Juliet. Theatre Royal, Glasgow, 1982 September 29-30. Programme: STA SB 10/35h-i

See also refs. 11283, 11284 and 11285

Please note this is a copy of the raw capture of the original analogue video for preservation and as such may display defects such as dropout, washed out colour and sound fluctuation.

Credits: [Choreographer: John Cranko
Music: Sergei Prokofiev
Reproduced and staged by: Georgette Tsinguirides
Design: Jurgen Rose
Lighting: Graham Large

Romeo: Davide Bombana
Juliet: Noriko Ohara]

Shotlist: Act One: 00:06-52:58
Scene 1: The Market Place
As day breaks, Romeo, son of Montague, is found declaring his love for the fair Rosaline. With the sunrise the market place fills with townspeople among whom are members of the two rival families, the Capulets and the Montagues. Tempers flare and a quarrel develops. The Duke of Verona appears and warns the two factions that death will be the ultimate punishment if the feud does not stop. Romeo and his friends, Benvolio and Mercutio, make reluctant peace with Tybalt, a kinsman of the Capulets

Scene 2: The Garden of the Capulet’s House
Juliet receives her first ball dress from her mother, Lady Capulet, and learns that she is to meet the noble Paris to whom she will be betrothed on the following day. Now she must bid farewell to her childhood.

Scene 3: Outside the Capluet’s House
Guests appear form the Capulet’s ball; among them is Rosaline. Romeo and is friends, masked, follow Rosaline into the hall

Scene 4: The Ballroom
Juliet dances with the noble Paris but suddenly Juliet and Romeo behold one another across the ballroom, and it is love at first sight. Tybalt suspects Romeo’s true identity and tries to start and argument, but is prevented from doing so by Juliet’s father who, as host of the ball, abides by the laws of hospitality.

Scene 5: Juliet’s Balcony
One the balcony outside her bedroom Juliet dreams of Romeo. He appears below in the garden. They declare their eternal love.

Act Two (begins mid-action): 00:04-30:43
Scene 1: The Market Place
A carnival is in progress in the main square. Romeo, indifferent to the gaiety around him, is discovered by Juliet’s nurse, who brings him a letter from her. She asks Romeo to meet her in the chapel of Friar Lawrence.

Scene 2: The Chapel of Friar Lawrence
In his cloister, Friar Lawrence solemnly joins the young lovers in marriage

Scene 3: The Market Place
At the height of the carnival, Romeo returns to the square. Tybalt accosts him but Romeo declines to fight. Mercutio, angered, engages in a duel with Tybalt and dies at his hands. Romeo, distraught, turns on Tybalt and kills him

Act Three: 00:10-39:24
Scene 1: The Bedroom
In Juliet’s bedroom the lovers are awaked by the sunrise, and Romeo under sentence of exile, must leave Juliet and Verona. Lord and Lady Capulet enter with Paris, but Juliet rejects him

Scene 2: The Chapel
Juliet, appealing or help to Friar Lawrence, receives a potion from him that will place her in a death-like sleep. He explains that Romeo will find her in the family tomb and from there they can escape together

Scene 3: The Bedroom
Juliet agrees to her marriage with Paris. After she leaves with her parents, she takes the sleeping draught and is thought to be dead when her family and friends discover her.

Scene 4: The Capulet Family Crypt
Romeo, who has never received Friar Lawrence’s message revealing the plan, believes Juliet to be dead and rushes to her tomb. There he finds the mourning Paris and kills him. Embracing Juliet from the last time, he plunges his dagger into his hearth. Juliet awakes to find Romeo dead. Griefstricken, she kills herself.

(Synopsis from Scottish Theatre Archive SB 711/43)

Curtain call [no sound]: 39:40-41:40