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Title: CHERI

Reference number: 11271

Date: 1980c

Sound: sound

Original format: U-Matic

Colour: bw

Fiction: fiction

Running time: 57.00 mins

Description: A full performance of the ballet 'Cheri' by Scottish Ballet, recorded at the King's Theatre in Edinburgh. Paul Tyers and Elaine McDonald dance the lead roles.

See also ref. 10917 for the same ballet with different cast members. See also refs. 11272 and 11273 for more 'Cheri' recordings from 1995.

Premiered by The Scottish Ballet at the King’s Theatre Edinburgh on 2 September 1980 as part of the Edinburgh International Festival. Recorded in Benesh movement notation by Grant Coyle.

This performance was recorded at the King's Theatre in Edinburgh.

The Scottish Theatre Archive holds material relating to this performance, including: Leaflet for 'Cheri' at the King's Theatre, Edinburgh, 17 August-6 September 1980. Call number: STA SB 15/3b. Programme for 'Cheri' at the Grand Opera House, Belfast, 22-26 April 1986. Call number: STA SB 10/27a.

Please note this is a copy of the raw capture of the original analogue video for preservation and as such may display defects such as dropout, washed out colour and sound fluctuation.

Credits: [Choreographer: Peter Darrell
Composer: David Earl
Scenario: Colette de Jouvenal and Peter Darrell, based on the book by Colette
Designer: Philip Prowse
Lighting Ian Irving

Casting: Elaine McDonald and Paul Tyers]

Shotlist: Performance: 0.04-54.02
Curtain call: 54.18-56.15

[This performance was recorded at the King's Theatre in Edinburgh in 1980]

Based closely on the famous novel by Colette, Cheri traces the story of a passionate and ultimately tragic love affair between Lea and her young lover Cheri.

At the age of 49, Lea de Lonval is nearing the end of a successful career as a richly kept courtesan. Young and old alike envy her the possession of Cheri. When Lea discovers from Cheri’s mother, Madame Peloux, that he is to marry Edmee the daughter of Marie-Louise, she chides him for not being man enough to tell her himself but gives him some wedding presents. After the marriage, which has been attended by several old friends of Madame Peloux, Lea prepares to go away. On her return she is suddenly disturbed by Cheri who has fled from Edmee after a quarrel. The following morning in the revealing light of day, Cheri is embarrassed and pretends to be asleep while Lea prepares herself at the mirror. Lea realises that Cheri’s visit is only due to an acute attack of nostalgia and indicates that he should leave. Left alone, Lea goes to her mirror and cruelly examines her face marked by age, and her neck that for an instant she conceals with her pearls. The action takes place between Lea’s boudoir and the Wintergarden at the home of Madame Peloux. [synopsis from Scottish Theatre Archive: STA SB 10/27a]