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Reference number: 10332

Date: 1963 - 1964

Director: filmed by J. Burnie

Sound: silent

Original format: std. 8mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 13.04 mins

Description: Amateur footage of rail trips organised for steam railway enthusiasts around central and southern Scotland.

See also refs 10329 10330 10331 and 10333

Shotlist: title - Easter 1963 - gv traffic on Princes Street, Edinburgh - high shot of Waverley station, steam train departing - gvs in station, steam locomotive reversing to platform - tracking shots from train leaving Waverley - Reston - steam loco no. 61324 reversing along track - shots from train carriage, loco coupled with carriages (1.26) Duns - gvs 61324 at Duns station, railway enthusiasts with cameras - Royal Border Bridge - tracking shots from train going over rail bridge at Berwick-upon-Tweed - Tweedsmouth - gvs steam locomotive on track - Wooler - shot from train approaching station - steam loco no. 46474 entering station (2.25) Coldstream - 61324 reversing into station, enthusiasts watching - tracking shot from carriage as train departs - Jedburgh - 61324 moves through station - gvs signal box and station from departing train - Hawick - steam loco no. 60041 enters station - tracking shots from carriage through countryside - Carlisle station light fitting - gvs steam loco and shunter at station - tracking shots from train passing through Lockerbie - gvs steam loco at halt, Caledonian Railway sign, signal box - tracking shots from train through countryside and sidings, approaching Dumfries station - gvs steam locos - tracking shots through countryside, passing level crossing at Killywhan, through station (5.05) Castle Douglas - steam loco no. 80023 reversing at station - tracking shots, passing through station, along River Dee, approaching station at Kirkcudbright - enthusiasts at station water tower - Back on the main line - tracking shots from train across river, past loch - Loch Skerrow - enthusiasts walk along track as locomotive stops for water - tracking shots through countryside, Creetown station (6.45) Newton Stewart - gvs station, steam loco 57375 passing, another loco couples with carriages - tracking shots from train through countryside - loco crosses level crossing - Whithorn - brief shot loco reversing - The Garlieston Branch - brief shots of loco (7.44) Stranraer - H.R. 103 'Jones Goods' and GNSR no. 49 'Gordon Highlander' locomotives on track in sidings - tracking shots from train passing through station and countryside, across viaduct (8.39) Easter 1964 - Glasgow St. Enoch - steam loco 42196 departs from station, brief shot of no. 256 'Glen Douglas' - Bathgate - dark shots Glen Douglas on sidings, on track in countryside with carriages - tracking shot of viaduct from train - steam loco passes at speed - gv sidings and diesel loco (9.26) On the Edinburgh Suburban Circle - tracking shots from train through Edinburgh - Glen Douglas sitting on siding, loco 44975 passing - tracking shots from train approaching Waverley station, then departing again, passing steam loco 73106, engine sheds (10.47) On to the Forth Bridge - tracking shots from train over Forth bridge, looking towards road bridge, ferries on water below - gvs Dunfermline Lower station, Glen Douglas sitting at platform then departing, reversing into station - tracking shots from train through countryside - Glen Douglas on tracks as enthusiasts take photos - l/s Kincardine Bridge - Glen Douglas passes another loco - Glen Douglas at station - THE END (13.04)