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1962 | col | silent
GLASGOW TRAMS, 21 May 1960
1960 | col | silent
1960 | bw | silent
1962 | col | silent
1960 | col | silent

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Reference number: 0056

Date: 1960 - 1962

Director: filmed by I.C. MacDougall

Sound: silent

Original format: std. 8mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 82.46 mins

Description: Amateur footage of the last days of the Glasgow Corporation tram service - also includes shots of rural railway lines in Wales and around the English-Welsh border, and industrial scenes around the Middlesbrough area.

Shotlist: (0.00) [Reel 1 - note found in original can: Various steam engines including "Black Watch 45102". Glasgow trams in and around George Square and Queen Street Station] gvs of steam locomotives passing through station - tracking shots out of window of carriage going through countryside, driver drops token on pole at trackside and picks up another passing signal-box - tracking shots from train - gvs of steam locomotives and trains passing through Gobowen Station near Oswestry - gvs of small rural station with train passing through - shot of train passing over level crossing - tracking shots from carriage in countryside and entering large station with raised signal box (3.00) gvs of Glasgow Corporation no.29 tram at terminus on Maryhill Road, travelling down Maryhill Road past Falcon Terrace - shots of no.29 trams on Maryhill Road - street scenes with trams passing and policeman directing traffic - street scenes in Glasgow city centre with trams and Corporation buses, again featuring no.29 tram (4.55) gvs of British Railways steam locomotive, possibly 45102 'Black Watch' stationary on track and leaving station - gvs of steam locos in station

(5.56) [Reel 2 - note found in original can: Miniature railway and standard gauge locomotives in and around Middlesbrough area] gvs Scarborough beach and Grand Hotel, underexposed shots of miniature railway - c/u shots of North Eastern railway warning sign - underexposed shots of various stem locos in marshalling yards - gvs of Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge in operation and small tank engine nearby - tracking shots from train approaching city station, gvs of steam locos in yards - tracking shots from train in countryside, passing Greskine signal box near Beattock - underexposed shots of steam locos in rural station, including 61764 - shots of man and woman in garden of detached house, pet dog begging

(10.03) [Reel 3 - note found in original can: "Last 15 Route". Views of older type of tram in Glasgow.]
underexposed shots of Glasgow Corporation trams on city streets - shots of trams on Jamaica Bridge in city centre - shot of tram at depot gate and service vehicle inside depot - more underexposed and dusk shots of trams on Glasgow streets, passengers boarding [possibly shots of last no.15 tram services before closure]

(14.23) [Reel 4 - note found in original can: Steam locomotives on the Shropshire Union Railway and Canal Company line near Welshpool.] gvs of steam locomotives on country lines in Wales, including possibly BR no.7922, a saddle tank engine pulling two carriages, no.7922 pulling carriages - c/u sign 'Whitehurst Halt - Rail Motor Cars Call Here' - c/u sign for 'Shropshire Union Railway and Canal Company' - gvs of canal and barges, canal bridge - shots of steam loco pulling passenger train and another waiting at junction - shots of tank engine and passenger train at station platform in town station - shot of man and boys with small bogey car on rail track - tracking shots from bogey car along overgrown rural rail track - more shots of steam locos at town station platform - tracking shots from carriage of train on rural line

(18.26) [Reel 5 - note found in original can: Steam locomotives in and around Shrewsbury.] gvs of steam locos at town station platform, possibly Shrewsbury, including tank engine taking on water, BR driver and staff posing for camera - tracking shots from train on single track rural line and shots of train passing - gvs of steam locos at Shrewsbury junction and station - gvs of steam locos on rural line and at rural station platform - gvs of tank engines at junction

(22.52) [Reel 6 - note found in original can: "Route 15". Views from inside tram cab in Glasgow.] gvs of Glasgow Corporation Coronation tramcars at Baillieston terminus of route no.15 - shots of no.15 trams travelling along Glasgow Road in Baillieston and Baillieston Road - brief tracking shot from tram cab and rear - more gvs of trams at terminus, destination board being changed, tram changing track - gvs of passengers boarding tram at Barrachnie junction and gvs of trams passing terraced houses on Glasgow Road and along Baillieston Road - c/u sign 'Cars Stop Here If Required'

(27.19) [Reel 7 - note found in original can: Paddle steamer, stockyards in Middlesbrough. Glasgow Trams.] gvs of industrial buildings beside River Tees in Middlesbrough, steam crane in use, railway sidings, shunter pulling carriages in yard - gvs of foundry buildings from across river - shot of Middlesbrough Corporation Guy bus at terminus on 'M' route to Levick - gvs of river and industrial buildings, steam crane - shots of group of women posing for camera outside building - shot of steam crane - shots of paddle tug, possibly 'John H. Amos' moored on river - shot of Dennis Loline bus on city street - shots of lorry and cars driving on to Middlesbrough Transporter over River Tees - gvs of ornate building and industrial buildings near Transporter, some buildings demolished, railway sidings, crane - gvs of buildings on river, barge (30.59) gvs of Glasgow Corporation Coronation trams at terminus, possibly Scotstoun - shots on upper deck of tram en route - shots of trams and buses on Argyle Street in city centre

(31.50) [Reel 8 - note found in original can: Steam engines (No. 7804) and Glasgow tram no. 29.] gvs [underexposed] of various British Railways steam locomotives in railway yard and around St. Enoch and Glasgow Central stations, including no.64975, shots of signal gantries - shot of loco no.60919, driver talking to two young boys looking on - tracking shots from train passing other locos in town and countryside, including no.54501 - gvs around Scottish rural railway station with footbridge over track - shots of young boy at side of track - shots of signals - shots of Coronation and older tramcar at no.23 terminus on Maryhill Road, Glasgow - gvs of tramcars in Glasgow city centre, some night shots - gvs of Coronation trams on route 23 going round George Square, Queen Street station entrance visible in background - shots of Coronation trams on St. Vincent Street

(36.07) [Reel 9 - note found in original can: Tram no. 9 in Partick, single decker and old tram depot.]
gvs Partick tram depot in Hayburn Street - single deck tram 1089 in town, people taking photographs, then on Albert Drive outside Coplawhill tram depot - gvs trams inside and outside depot, enthusiasts taking photos - no. 9 tram at terminus, followed by dark shots inside tram - trams lined up at Dalmuir terminus, then leaving - gvs trams along Dumbarton Road, canal bridge at Dalmuir

(41.02) [Reel 10 - note found in original can: Steam engines, tram no. 9, and views of pedestrians.] no. 9 tram at Auchenshuggle terminus and on route - driver clearing points at terminus - trams at terminus with staff and photographers - dark int shots on board tram - trams outside depot, pipe band playing - dark shots of final procession of trams at night

(46.02) [Reel 11 - note found in original can: Various small tank engines, possibly Wrexham -Ellesmere area.] tracking shots from train carriage in countryside - shot of steam locomotive at station platform - tracking shots from carriage, shot of driver and stationmaster exchanging tokens while train in motion - tracking shots in countryside, tokens exchanged again - gvs at Devil's Bridge railway station on Vale of Rheidol narrow-gauge railway in Wales - shot of man changing points for locomotive no.9 'Prince of Wales' to come through - shots of Prince of Wales coupling up at station - gvs of station on Ffestiniog Railway in Wales, 'Double Fairlie' steam loco under steam, visitors taking photographs - tracking shots from carriage along Ffestiniog railway and shots at Porthmadog Station

(49.59) [Reel 12 - note found in original can: Steam engines and trams in Shawfield and Charing Cross, Glasgow.] gvs of Glasgow Corporation Coronation tramcar at Springburn? terminus - tracking shots from rear of tramcar along streets including St. George's Road - shot of no.26 car opposite Kelvingrove Museum - gvs trams on Glasgow streets, tracking shots from rear - gvs of no.16 tramcars at Scotstoun terminus? - shot of young man posing for camera at front of no.16 tram - shots of same young man in cab of BR steam loco no.54398 'Ben Alder' in rail yard - gvs of deserted rural station with overgrown track, level crossing and railway bridge - shots of men and women in garden, one man wearing Provost's or town councillor's robes, another man takes photographs of him - gvs of Glasgow Corporation Coronation tramcars on no.18 route, passing George & Jobling Ford dealers on Bothwell Street

(54.34) [Reel 13 - note found in original can: Street scenes of trams nos. 18 and 29, and of garage.]
16 and 18A in Glasgow 19-60 - gvs of trams and buses on Glasgow streets, including New City Road, St. George's Road, St. George's Cross, passing D.M. Hoey shops - gvs of trams on Argyle Street and Trongate, passing Kelvin Hall and Kelvingrove Museum, across Partick Bridge, at St. George's Cross - shot of tram turning into shed at Dennistoun Depot - brief night-time shot of trams on street - shot of tram in Dennistoun [blank section] shots of trams on Glasgow streets, including no.29 service at Glasgow Cross - shots around Argyle Street and Hope Street at Central Station - shots of large house in countryside with roof burned off - more shots of trams at Central Station, Bothwell Street, under Hielanman's Umbrella

(58.48) [Reel 14 - note found in original can: Various steam engines, similar in format to Reel 11.] gvs of Trench Halt station, Shropshire, on single track line in countryside, steam loco with one carriage stopping and departing - shots of train in station and station building - gvs of Gobowen Station, small loco arriving in between carriages - gvs of tank engine and other steam locos at station - gvs station platforms - tracking shots from train in countryside, tokens exchanged passing through station - shots of steam loco at station and departing - shots of miniature steam loco at work on narrow gauge rural line and at halt, coupling up carriages - gvs of Oswestry Station buildings and platforms, steam loco departing

(1.03.36) [Reel 15 - note found in original can: Various older trams in the streets of Glasgow, including a No 26 and a Ruchill tram.] gvs of Glasgow Corporation tramcars on Albert Drive, Glasgow outside Coplawhill Works, including a horse car, a 'room and kitchen' car and a bogie single deck car [all to become exhibits in the new Museum of Transport] - gvs of onlookers and officials, some taking photographers - gvs of the trams being moved along Albert Drive - shots of Coronation tram about to be taken into works, driver puts penny on track in front of it - gvs of trams on Albert Drive - gvs of bridge over canal at Dalmuir, with no.9 trams and Central SMT bus passing - gvs of no.9 trams passing along Dumbarton Road west of Clydebank - c/u sign 'All Cars Stop Here' - more shots of trams on Albert Drive, people taking photographs - gvs of yard at Coplawhill, including service trams, crowds of people milling around and groups being photographed in front of trams, including no.1222 - shots of people jumping on to 1222 in yard for 'last tram ride' - shot of boy jumping on to service car for short ride - underexposed shots of trams on streets and night time shots of last trams running

(1.08.36) [Reel 16 - note found in original can: Steam locomotives on N&B and B&M lines. Several shots from carriage window around Shropshire.] shot of steam loco passing through Hay-on-Wye station, tokens being exchanged with stationmaster on platform - shot of railway junction - tracking shots from railway carriage on single-track line through countryside - gvs of saddle tank steam loco and train on track - more tracking shots from carriage, driver leaning out of cab, train passes countryside halt - more tracking shots, passing through small station, c/u Hay-on-Wye station sign - tracking shots approaching Three Cocks Junction - gvs of station and trains - more tracking shots from carriage, entering tunnel, passing through small town stations - c/u Bassaleg station sign - gvs station and steam loco at platform

(1.13.34) [Reel 17 - note found in original can: Tram nos. 29, 18, 15 and 24, en route and undergoing maintenance.] gvs of trams in Glasgow city centre, route no.29 - tracking shots from tram going up Maryhill Road towards canal aqueduct - trams in street scenes on Maryhill Road? on dark rainy day and around Hielanman's Umbrella on Argyle Street, mostly no.29 route - gvs inside tram depot, Coronation trams parked over maintenance bays, young man climbing on and off, waving to camera - c/u shot cab of no.1359 - shots of trams on Hayburn Street, Partick, outside Partick Depot - shots of no.24 Langside Standard tram on Hayburn Street - shots of Coronation tram at Whiteinch? terminus - shots of family group posing for camera in garden with dog

(1.18.25) [Reel 18 - note found in original can: Ship arriving in dock, views from on board, footage of family dog.] high shots of harbour and coastline at Funchal, Madeira - tracking shots from boat of seafront at Funchal, passengers on launch going out to liner - shots on board liner on rough seas, men and women walking past camera - gvs of sea, other vessels passing - shots of approach to English port, possibly Southampton - gvs docks, cranes, tugs guiding liner in - gvs of small pekinese dog playing on grass - c/u street sign 'St. Margaret's Drive', Dunblane - shots of men and woman outside house and in garden with pekinese - shots of woman playing with pekinese on street (1.22.46)