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Reference number: 10305

Date: 1972

Director: filmed by Dr. Ken J H Mackay

Sound: silent

Original format: std. 8mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 31.16 mins

Description: Amateur film of a trip to St. Kilda, with comprehensive shots of the individual islands. See also ref 10307

Note on the film-maker - Dr MacKay was a physics teacher at the High School of Stirling.

Shotlist: title - FIRST CATCH YOUR BOAT - SO TO OBAN TO FIND M.V. CHARNA - gvs Oban harbour, steamer, passengers crossing fishing boats to get to Charna - gvs various vessels, water-skier in harbour, supplies being winched on to Charna at pier (2.27) THE ROUTE - - c/u map with pointer showing route to St. Kilda - FIRST NIGHT'S ANCHORAGE - TOBERMORY BAY - pan across Tobermory Bay - gvs on board Charna and departing from Tobermory - gvs coastline from boat, crew on deck, passing lighthouse - ARDNAMURCHAN - gvs from boat, Ardnamurchan lighthouse in distance (4.44) EIGG - gvs coastline from boat - RHUM - gvs coastline from boat - CANNA - gvs coastline from boat - gvs gulls following boat, wheel-house of Charna, man sunbathing on deck - gvs passengers relaxing and chatting on deck (6.53) SKYE - gvs coastline from boat - MAKING FOR OUR SECOND NIGHT'S MOORING - LOCHMADDY (N. UIST) - gvs coastline from boat - Charna approaches pier and ties up - gvs Lochmaddy and vessels at anchor - gull in flight (8.26) NEXT MORNING - LEAVING THE SOUND OF HARRIS - gvs coastline from boat, St. Kilda archipelago in distance - ST KILDA AHEAD! - c/u map of archipelago - BORERAY (1245°) - l/s island from boat - STAC LEE (544°) - l/s island from boat - HIRTA - l/s from boat - STAC AN ARMIN - gvs from boat passing - GANNET - gannets flying overhead - gvs cliffs and birds from boat, seals on rocks (10.41) STAC LEE - gvs coastline from boat - SOAY (1225°) - gvs coastline from boat - CONACHAIR (1397°) - gvs coastline from boat - OISEVAL (948°) - gvs coastline from boat - DUN (576°) - gvs coastline from boat (11.34) passengers on deck - VILLAGE BAY - gvs from boat approaching Hirta, launch lowered into water, motor boat passes - gvs at pier, launch returns to Charna - gvs passengers relaxing on The Street - pan across bay - c/u map showing Hirta and Soay - gvs The Street, houses and cleits, enclosures (13.23) SOAY SHEEP - gvs sheep grazing - ROUND THE DESERTED VILLAGE - gvs The Street - PHASE 1 - EARTH-HOUSE - gvs ruined house PHASE 2 - CALUM MOR'S HOUSE - gvs cleits and stone structures PHASE 3 - OLD BLACK-HOUSES - gvs same, sheep skull in doorway - PHASE 4 - 1836 BLACK-HOUSES - gvs ruined houses - PHASE 5 - 1860 COTTAGES - gvs derelict houses on The Street, c/u mason's mark, graveyard (16.17) TOBAR CHILDA (GAELIC) (NORSE) "WELL" - c/u shots small stream on hillside - CLEITS (DRY-STONE STORE HUTS) - gvs same - ST. KILDA WREN - c/u shots wrens on wall and inside hut - YOUNG PUFFIN - c/u volunteer holding puffin chick - ST. KILDA FIELD-MOUSE - c/u mouse running between stones - SNIPE - shots of bird in flight - gvs birds in bay, pier and settlement (18.21) ARMY SUPPLIES COME BY LANDING CRAFT .... - high shots of bay, landing craft departing - .... MAIL COMES BY AIR .... - gvs aircraft flying overhead - gvs headland of Dun - ON DUN - flocks of seabirds overhead - PUFFIN - gvs puffins in flight at cliffs - BEWARE OF FULMAR CHICKS - brief shot of man approaching fulmar in rock cavity - TO DUN PASSAGE & RUAIVAL (444°) - rough seas on rocks - SURFING SEALS - gvs seals in rough sea - PUFFIN - puffin in flight - FULMAR - fulmars in flight - gvs sea and cliffs on Dun (21.59) PATH ROUND OISEVAL CLIFFS - gvs hikers walking round cliff path - cliffs and sea - SHAGS - gvs shags on cliff edge and in flight - gvs stream - EXPLORING GLEANN MOR - gv landscape, hikers - CAMBIR & SOAY - gvs landscape, flock of sheep, birds in flight (24.09) BONXIES (GREAT SKUAS) ATTACK - gv cliff face - BORERAY - l/s same - volunteers on cliff path - gvs cliffs and sea - ALONG THE CLIFFS OF THE S-W COAST - high shots cliffs and sea - MULLACH BI & CARN MOR - high shots cliffs and sea - CAMBIR & SOAY - high shots cliffs and sea - SOAY (1225°) - high shots cliffs and sea - hikers relaxing on cliff edge - high shots cliffs and sea - hikers on rocks watching seals in water (30.20) pan along The Street, Village Bay - FAREWELL TO ST KILDA - shots of islands from departing boat, sunset over sea (31.16)