ST.KILDA 57°49'N 8°34'W

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Title: ST.KILDA 57°49'N 8°34'W

Reference number: 10307

Date: 1969

Director: filmed by Liam Chalmers

Sound: silent

Original format: std. 8mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 15.05 mins

Description: Amateur footage of volunteers working on St. Kilda, including restoration work on buildings, and shots of the landscape and wildlife. See also ref 10305

Shotlist: title - c/u shots of field mouse inside glass enclosure on grass - pan across 'The Street' - gv graveyard - gvs volunteers working on restoration of houses on The Street, mortaring roof and gable - brief shot Soay sheep in field - pan across Dun headland to Hirta - volunteers having tea break opposite houses - volunteer asleep on bed - panning shots across buildings and The Street, cleit and graveyard - gvs Soay sheep amongst ruined buildings (3.54) volunteer comes out of shack built inside house, with sign 'Kishmul's Galley' above door - high shots looking down to bay and headland, stone enclosures in foreground - gvs Soay sheep and enclosures - c/u shots wildflowers - pan along line of The Street from above - gvs modern buildings on shore - gvs houses, enclosures and cleits (6.16) gvs volunteers in kitchen hut - brief c/u markings on masonry - pan across cultivation rigs in front of houses to bay - more c/u shots of masonry markings - l/s Levenish in distance - gvs Soay sheep grazing amongst houses - brief shot kitchen hut - gv vessel in bay - rainbow above cliff - c/u shots [some oof] of St. Kilda wren chick on cliff - gvs bay and vessels, rain falling - gvs Soay sheep - gvs bay and vessels over rooftops - gvs sheep grazing (10.29) high shots of bay and settlements - gvs various birds on enclosure walls, ruined houses - gvs Kishmul's Galley, field mouse in glass enclosure (13.15) gv bay with naval supply ship at beach - gvs cliffs, rocks and sea - gv building - seabirds in flight - gvs stream channel running down to bay - gvs birds in flight - gvs slopes of Hirta - end title (15.05)