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Reference number: 2082

Date: 1957 / 1962c / 1965 / 1970

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bwcol

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 20.01 mins

Description: Miscellaneous events in the life of the University of Glasgow dating from the late 1950s - 1970.

Credits: [Miscellaneous amateur film makers]
[Barry Paton Second City Films]

Shotlist: [COL] - gvs Commemoration Day at University of Glasgow, staff and officials in gowns walking around quadrangle - group photo shoot around Lord Hailsham, Rector of the university - officials and guests chatting, gvs quad - int shots of guests at lunch inside hall (1.15) army and RAF cadets jump out of trucks and line up outside main building (1.45) gvs backs of partly-demolished buildings on Bute Gardens in snow, looking towards Adam Smith Building under construction - Lilybank Gardens and construction of Geology Building - gvs Hillhead Street and Bute Gardens, showing fronts of partly-demolished buildings (3.23) [BW] gvs university chemistry labs, the "Abbot's Kitchen", and adjoining brick extensions being demolished - workmen removing tiles from roof and tower, sawing through timbers (5.11) [COL] [film geometry reversed] gvs deep foundations of university library? under construction - workers levelling concrete, pan across foundations (6.47) long shots university library from beyond gates (7.54) [film geometry correct] gvs construction site on Southpark Avenue, foundations, mobile crane on rails, concrete silo and mixer (9.44) gvs at Queen Margaret Halls, Kelvindale -
group of female students in gowns chatting, being filmed by photographer - group of visitors being shown around and filmed (10.36) [BW] int shot in room, man enters, doffs hat to camera then paints glasses and moustache on picture of young woman on wall (11.06) gvs Southpark House on Southpark Avenue and view down towards university tower (11.34) [COL] gvs university library, tower, students sitting outside refectory (13.25) Lord Provost's car arrives at entrance to university, guests are welcomed and enter building - guests depart and are driven away (14.43) gvs university staff walking in procession around quadrangle, chatting in groups - int shot, group enters room, including Sir John Boyd Orr (16.16) gvs delegates gathered in gardens of house for reception, chatting in groups (17.29) gvs country show, pony and foal in enclosure, children patting them - gvs show-jumping event, police dog demonstration (20.01)