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Reference number: 0938

Date: 1956

Director: filmed by Enrico Cocozza

Sponsor: Educational Films of Scotland

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 11.00 mins

Description: Glasgow's docklands; its workers, transportation and daily life. Filmed by Enrico Cocozza for Educational Films of Scotland.

Credits: sd. Douglas Gray
sc. W.G. Beaton
comm. s. Leonard Maguire
Features several traditional songs, including children's rhymes.

Shotlist: Credits (.23) Shots of tug on River Clyde (.40) Boats on river, cranes in the background (.48) Warehouses on the wharf with ocean-going ships on the opposite bank (.55) Cargo ship is loaded (1.05) Tug (1.20) Puffer (1.32) Cat (1.39) Cargo is unloaded by crane and stacked by dockers (1.53) Seagulls (2.00) Sacks of coal for export are unloaded from lorry by hand (2.13) Pedestrian suspension bridge at Clyde Street (2.24) Busy traffic crossing road bridge (2.35) Shots of and on board passenger ferry crossing river (2.49) View from ferry of tugs and cargo vessel (2.59) Shots from ferry as it approaches opposite bank and passengers disembark (3.27) Car ferry crossing river (3.44) Cars and vans drive off. Others wait to board (3.57) Cargo vessel on river passes Harland and Wolff's yard (4.08) Street traffic including ICI lorry and fully-laden horse and cart carrying boxes and barrels of Buchanan's "Black & White" (4.30) Exterior of Seamen's Institute (4.43) Exterior of Flying Angel Institute of the Missions to Seamen in York Street (4.51) Quayside street and tug on river (5.10) Shipyards from across the river (5.19) Shots of tramps (5.37) Public house (5.53) Man with horse and cart (5.59) Old man slowly makes his way along street (6.14) Children playing in slum street. Old woman leans out of window. Girl dressed up in her mother's shoes, a girl sweeping the pavement. Shots of boy on close steps with cat and puppy (7.00) Horse and cart passes children. Boys playing leap-frog. Glasgow University tower seen above tenements (7.26) The University, trams in the foreground (7.33) Kelvingrove Park and man feeding ducks in pond (7.59) Small boy with dog (8.11) Girl feeding pigeons (8.18) Old man asleep beneath tree (8.26) River Kelvin (8.30) Boy takes girl's photograph (8.56) Men on their way to work (9.15) City traffic on Stockwell Street bridge (9.32) Shots of docks and river at evening (9.46) Steam train crosses railway bridge (9.57) Shots of river and nearby buildings silhouetted against evening sky (10.41) End credits (11.06).

[See also shotlist taken from original rushes [record 8]