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Reference number: 1636

Date: 1951

Director: filmed by staff of Albert Secondary School, Springburn

Sponsor: [ Glasgow Education Committee]

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 21.10 mins

Description: Domestic Science- as taught in a Glasgow School. Filmed inside Albert Secondary School, Springburn, Glasgow.

Shotlist: Credits (.20) MODERN EDUCATION provides training for girls in all branches of DOMESTIC SCIENCE (.08) dressmaking (.13) Pupils take measurements, draft patterns, cut materials and make dresses (.20) empty classroom with blackboard, teacher lets pupils in (.35) girl hands out work to rest of the class (.38) teacher demonstrates measurements of the block pattern for bodice on a pupil (.46) the pupils follow the teacher's instructions (.50) teacher fills in the measurements and labels on the blackboard (.57) girls fill in measurements on their own patterns (1.00) shot of pupil cutting out material using pattern with teacher supervising (1.19) pupil tacking garment (1.29) pupil attaching short sleeves by hand (1.42) two pupils tacking garments (1.46) shots of pupil using sewing machine (2.01) pupil modelling finished dress (2.04) Laundry work (2.08) Various types of articles are washed and ironed in class by the scholars (2.15) pupils washing garments in the sink (2.24) pupil removing garments from an electric washing machine with wooden tongs (2.33) pupil putting garments through mangle (2.36) class of pupils ironing non-electric irons (2.45) two pupils ironing a tablecloth (2.57) shots of pupils ironing clothing (3.05) close shot of a pupil ironing a shirt (3.13) pupil hanging up ironed articles (3.17) Cookery (3.21) A class in cookery. Preparation for individual work includes training in FOOD VALUES and BALANCING OF DIET (3.29) shot of cooks (3.31) class cooking (3.35) close shots of pupils rolling and coating sausage meat for rolls (3.51) pupils using the oven (4.04) close shot of rolling pastry (4.12) gvs of cookery class (4.14) rolling pastry and making sausage rolls (4.26) placing sausage rolls in oven (4.33) display of cooked foods (4.38) teachers showing food chart to pupils (4.44) c/u shot of chart about Vitamins (4.52) teacher questioning pupils (5.02) the diet chart shown is reproduced from "cookery" (Fletcher and Kingdom). Published by Sister Isaac Pitman and sons Ltd (5.10) homemaking (5.12) setting the breakfast table. Pupils are responsible for shopping and must render accurate accounts (5.19) two pupils returning to cookery class with baskets of shopping (5.30) pupils checking items of purchase (5.35) checking charge against account book (5.40) shot of bread, meat and coffee (5.44) pupil measuring out ingredients and cooking (6.03) shot of menu which reads Menu - Fruit or porridge. Grilled bacon, coffee or tea (6.07) pupil pushing trolley of napkins and crockery (6.12) pupil laying table (6.36) Bedmaking (6.40) pupils laying mattress and bottom sheet (6.55) laying blanket over cover and bolsters (7.08) Preparation for dinner and tea (7.13) shots of oven, measuring ingredients (7.27) mixing the ingredients (7.30) rolling dough and glazing (7.56) checking cooking in the oven (8.04) making rhubarb pie, cutting fruit and decorating pastry lid (8.23) writing menu which reads as follows: Menu - Tomato Soup, Casserole of Steak, Steamed Potatoes, Fruit Tart, Coffee (8.30) shot of dinner table and sideboard with settings (8.40) laying the table (8.57) sick nursing (9.01) girls change bedsheets with minimum disturbance to the invalid (9.05) patient in bed (9.17) attendants changing bottom sheet by rolling patient to one side and then the other (9.48) top sheets changed (9.59) patient is given extra pillows for support and medication is administered (10.21) afternoon tea (10.24) pupils sitting by the hearth, tea and biscuits are served from trolley (10.57) BABYCRAFT is taught by the CLINIC DOCTOR (11.02) Pupils are instructed in the feeding and bathing of the infant (11.07) teachers explaining chart on "Babies' Bill of Rights" (11.11) teacher shows pupils a chart concerning "cleaning of the feeding bottle" and "Cleaning of the teat" (11.19) teacher shows pupils demonstration baby doll (11.29) shot of the various things needed for preparing a milk bottle (11.32) preparing the milk bottle (12.10) preparing the bath for a baby (12.30) cleaning the baby's face (13.08) placing the baby in the bath (13.16) pupils' reaction to the "baby" (13.19) drying the baby and giving it its bottle (13.30) ecs (13.42)