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  • Wigtownshire


  • Agriculture
  • Food and drink
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  • Sponsored


  • 1920s

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Reference number: 0859

Date: 1928c

Sponsor: [ SCWS]

Sound: silent

Original format: 35mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 8.00 mins

Description: The production of SCWS (Scottish Co-operative Wholesale Society Ltd) Guild Margarine.

For further information see "The British Co-operative Movement Film Catalogue" compiled and edited by Alan Burton 1997.

Shotlist: Title (0.07) Wigtownshire is the chief dairying county in Scotland. We draw our milk supply only from the finest herds. (0.18) Shots of horned dairy cattle leaving field and entering milking shed (0.46); The cattle are milked by hand (0.54); Convoy of lorries with milk churns arrives at SCWS creamery (1.01); On arrival the milk is weighed and samples taken for examination in the laboratory. elevated shot of the "baths" (1.19); A sample is taken (1.39); Tests are made in the laboratory; The milk is now pasteurised, cleaned and cooled. The milk is passed through tanks, heated; passed over a "radiator" (2.36); The milk ripening room. Shots as the milk is ripened (2.58); Preparing the fats with which the milk is now ready to be mixed; A block of fat is emptied from a wooden barrel, then broken up and the pieces pushed into a machine (3.42); The melted fats and milk from the milk ripening room meet in the emulsifier. Shots of men working at the emulsifier (3.09); The ingredients are here "whipped" into a creamy emulsion. The thermometers indicate that the correct proportion of each ingredient is coming through (4.12); Shot of the emulsifier and thermometers (4.34); From the emulsifier, the margarine is sprayed between two brine cooled cylinders; The liquid margarine is run between the two cylinders (4.52); The margarine freezes onto the revolving cylinders and is scraped off in thin sheets in wagons; Paper thin sheets of margarine drop into wagons (5.10); Testing the margarine in the laboratory; A girl tests the margarine (5.24); The margarine receives its first kneading in huge churns; The margarine is shovelled into a churn which is closed with a heavy circular metal door; the churn spins round (5.57); Kneading tables - making the margarine more pliable; The margarine is kneaded by a conical mill on a circular table (6.46); The final kneading; The margarine is kneaded in a large metal tub (6.57); Wrapping Guild in half pound packets at the rate of sixty a minute; Shots of girl cuts margarine with wire; blocks are fed into the wrapping machine; wrapped blocks are packed into boxes by hand, for distribution; c/u finished product (8.48); Take a pack home with you now (8.59)