FROM WOOL TO WEARER: The Romance of Pesco Underwear

New made garments are washed, pushed under rollers to remove the water then arranged on wooden shapes to go into the drying rooms. (clip)

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Title: FROM WOOL TO WEARER: The Romance of Pesco Underwear

Reference number: 0544

Date: 1913

Sound: silent

Original format: 35mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 18.00 mins

Description: The making of Pesco woollen goods.

Film made for promotional screening at the Ghent Exhibition 1913 and subsequently shown at the Royal Highland Show, Hawick, in 1914. Captions in French and English (only the latter have been shotlisted)

Credits: [possibly Pathe]

Shotlist: Title (.07) The Romance of Pesco Underwear. An Australian flock. Sheep washing and shearing. Gvs sheep being washed and sheared (2.58) The wool is now trans-shipped to Britain for spinning. Spinning the yarn. Shots of factory where the yarn is processed (3.24) Winding the yarn in the Pesco factory. Close-up of woman as she winds yarn on large machine (3.40) Knitting Pesco underwear. 100,000 stitches per minute. Close-ups of large knitting machines. Young lads at work with machines (4.52) Seaming the garments and adding ribbed ends. Rows of women sewing the wool together (5.39) Ladies' knitted coat section. Gvs people working on knitting machines (6.42) Making gentlemen's Pesco half-hose. Close-up of machine in operation (7.03) Scouring Pesco. Shots as man cleans garments and close-ups of wooden machines in use (8.08) Garments are then put through a mangle (8.35) Pesco is now fitted on wooden shapes and despatched to drying rooms. Shots of same (9.04) Expert examiners at work. Shots of women examining the clothes (10.03) Hot pressing and trimming Pesco underwear. Introducing button sewing on and button hole making by machinery. Gvs men pressing and folding garments (10.45) Gvs women sewing buttons onto garments and close-ups of same (11.37) Cold pressing affixing trade mark and papering. Shot of men pressing garments and women ironing on the trade mark (12.57) Men pack garments (13.31) Stock order department. Men making up orders (14.15) Pesco operatives leaving for dinner. Workers leaving factory (15.07) Revue of Pesco fashions. Tea party on lawn of large house. Women playing croquet and modelling Pesco fashions (16.54)