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Reference number: 2995

Date: 1918*

Sponsor: Ministry of Food

Production company: Green's Film Service

Sound: silent

Original format: 35mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 09.50 mins

Description: A wartime propaganda film on the benefits of saving household refuse to feed pigs and provide cheap food.

End credit to Scottish Moving Picture News but not ascertained as having been released as a newsreel.

Please note the Imperial War Museum do not have this title in their collection.

Credits: End credit card reads: Scottish Moving Picture News Glasgow and London

Shotlist: During transfer film found to be 09.50 mins

title (0.06) Save your Potato Peelings, Cabbage Leaves, Household Refuse, & c, to feed Pigs. All the Pigs in this Picture have been reared on Household Waste of this description. (0.14) shots of pigs in stye, c/u of piglets intercut with titles Why do we want Pigs? Because they multiply and mature rapidly. shot of piglets suckling (0.35) Municipal Carts collecting the Householders' Waste shot of horse-drawn carts leaving municipal works followed by horse-drawn buggy driven by man with soldier by his side (0.54) House-to House Collection shots of men collecting house refuse in buckets in street of tenement houses (1.34) The Household Waste on its way to become Pork shot of refuse being unloaded and of piggery carts arriving to collect it (2.12) No Prosecution for Hoarding Potato Peelings and other Household and Garden Refuse shot of women putting feed into troughs and pigs eating from them (3.06) Extending the Premises. The result of the Housewife's Thrift. brief shot of men building in back yard and c/u of sow with piglets and pigs (3.43) "The Gintleman that pays the Rint" shot of pigs eating grass (3.57) An Athletic Boar shots of pigs jumping over fence to get away from a dog (4.12) Land Girls Feeding Pigs land girls putting feed into trough and pigs eating from it (4.42) Economical Diet - War-Time Rations - Bracken -Roots. c/u pigs eating same (5.04) Nettles shot of woman in garden collecting nettles, putting them in a wheelbarrow and then feeding them to pigs (5.38) The Army Contributes. shot of soldier feeding pigs (5.48) Lunch without coupons shot of pigs feeding from troughs (6.01) You can provide Pork and Beans for the Boys in the Trenches. shots of soldiers in trenches smoking cigarettes and eating from mess tins (6.47) HOUSEHOLD WASTE. Save it and breed Pigs; Collect it and feed Pigs; Use it to beat Pigs - The ones in Germany. (6.53) illustration of the Kaiser (6.58) Household Waste feeds more Pigs - more Pigs mean cheaper pork and ham. (7.02) ecs (7.05)