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Reference number: 0771

Date: 1912

Director: [filmed by Baillie John Noble of the Oxford Picture House, Dundee.]

Sound: silent

Original format: 35mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 2.00 mins

Description: Factory gate film. Workers leaving the Camperdown Jute Mill in Dundee and round corner in High St, Lochee.

Filmed in 1912 and shown again in 1932. One of the earliest surviving local topicals in Scotland. Idea derived from Lumiere's film of workers leaving factory in Lyon 1896. Camperdown Jute Mill the largest in Europe with the tallest chimney. Primarily Irish immigrant labour. Filmed by Baillie John Noble, owner of the Oxford Picture House.

Believed by donor to have been set of local news items made by Pennycook of Dundee (see also DUNDEEā€™S SCREEN SNAPSHOTS ref. 2373)

Shotlist: Credits (.03) shots of crowds of mill workers from the Camperdown Jute Works in 1912, both adults and children, women wearing shawls. The mill workers come down the street towards the camera. Brief opening shot of the Noble family at far left of picture [mother, grandmother and Jack aged about two, later Jack]s father wearing a bowler hat]. Shot of raised railway line or bridge in the back-ground between two buildings with steam engines and wagons passing by (.51) shot of Patterson's shop front with one display reading "Made in Scotland" and the other unreadable (.54) shots of a large group of pedestrians on the main street, possibly in Albert Square, coming towards the camera, public buildings in background. Open ended tram bound for the High Street, Lochee, with "Farola" advert on the side. Tram moves across picture through the crowds, [shot of Mrs Noble and Jack age 2 in her arms] followed shortly by a horse and cart (1.22)