COOPERAGE: The Craft of Cask Making

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Title: COOPERAGE: The Craft of Cask Making

Reference number: 0394

Date: 1936

Director: [filmed by John Gray]

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 10.54 mins

Description: The craft of cask making at Canonmills Cooperage, Edinburgh, the works of Wm Lindsay & Sons.

Made by John Gray, of the Grierson school of documentary and donated by him to the Archive in 1977. Film-maker supplied following additional information, March 2005: Wm Lindsay's, the firm, met the cost of the film stock and expenses to shoot the film. They then used it for public relations. John and a friend, both amateurs, made the film in 1936. This was his first documentary. Subsequently he secured an introduction to John Grierson at the GPO Film Unit and in pitching for a job he showed this film to Grierson. He was taken on as a general assistant at the GPO Film Unit.

See also ref. 4614. Please note: not the same John Gray as refs 0936, 2461 and 2721.

Scottish Brewing Archive, held at University of Glasgow, hold records relating to Wm. Lindsay & Son, Coopers: [last accessed 5/11/2015]

Preservation of this film supported by the National Heritage Memorial Fund.

Credits: [Filmed by John Gray in Canonmills Cooperage, the works of Wm. Lindsay & Sons Edinburgh]

Shotlist: Credits (.10) shots of index file being consulted for correct materials and plans being drawn up (.29) Memel oak is unloaded and stockpiled in the yard (2.10) Timber is taken to sawmilling machines for shaping and trimming (4.04) shots of plans (4.12) setting lengths of shaped timber in a hoop, the base is set out and treated with steam. Ends of lengths of timber are pulled in to a circle and hooped. Base rounded and smoothed by machine (12.34) Base stamped "Barleymalt Well Springs" (7.01) The cask is heated inside and planed smooth (8.09) Base attached, and lid attached (8.49) painted and waterproofed (?) A hole is made for the cork, a vacuum created and the pressure tested (?) (10.22) Shots of plan (10.24) loading up finished barrels, bound for McEwan's breweries (10.54)