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Dipping sheep is very hard work, the sheep are rounded up, water is carried over the fields to the dipping trough. The sheep are LIFTED into the trough, legs uppermost, to ensure complete immersion and walk out the other end. (clip)

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Reference number: 0936

Date: 1939c

Director: filmed by John Gray

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 12 mins

Description: A look at the crofting and fishing communities of Wester Ross. Shot mostly at Achintraid, Loch Kishorn and Applecross.

See also ref. 0934

Shotlist: Credits (.08) Where seagulls call to the silent mountains. Shots of fishing nets hanging out to dry (.17) Seagull in flight (.33) Sea inlet (.34) Further shots of nets hanging out to dry (.40) Seagull in flight (.42) Shots of seaweed (.45) Waves gently lapping on shore (.50) A scattered township. Shots of same (1.03) The people are mostly crofters. Old man harvesting his field with a scythe (1.14) Many are also fishermen. Old man repairing his nets (1.31) Surrounded by the grandeur of the mountains. Shots of the hills and general scenery, including salmon leaping and people hill-walking and driving (2.58) Old people tell of many changes. Shots of same (3.26) the people go about their daily work. shots of an old man scything a field (3.34) Hay is turned beside an outbuilding (3.38) Woman standing in a doorway working a butter churn (3.42) Cat with a saucer of milk (3.44) Man repairing fishing nets (3.47) Woman washes clothes in a wooden tub and hangs them out to dry (4.06) Man leading a horse and cart (4.08) Woman postman on a bicycle delivering the mail (4.15) Boy on horseback (4.17) Woman milks a cow by hand (4.21) Shots of chickens (4.22) some must leave their crofts for a spell of fishing. Men load nets into rowing boat and row out to fishing boat anchored off-shore. The fishing boat sails out to sea (5.22) The work of the crofts must go on. Hay is turned for drying (5.40) woman feeds chickens (5.47) There is great activity at sheep dipping. sheep are caught and dipped (6.29) A crofter has found pig rearing profitable. Crofter in pen with pigs and piglets (6.47) always the weather to contend with. shots of bad weather, wind blowing grass, waves breaking over rocks, clouds, raindrops on window pane. People hurrying to get in out of the rain (7.18) A spinning competition is held in the district. shots of women spinning yarn on indoor spinning wheels. Outside, a young girl does some spinning on a miniature wheel (7.48) the fishermen return. Men land on shore with their catch in baskets. Shots of them hanging up their nets, intercut with shots of seagulls (9.14) and shadows creep across the mountains. gvs scenery (9.30) and silence reigns supreme. More shots of the scenery (9.39)