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Reference number: T2262

Date: [1973]

Production company: Scottish Television

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 16.20 mins

Description: STV documentary from the early 1970s reporting on the current state of refuse disposal within the large urban environment of Glasgow.

See also refs. 7012 and 7672

Credits: [presented & narrated by George Reid]

Shotlist: [no title] Corporation of Glasgow refuse truck leaving depot (0.10) reporter George Reid to camera outside Dawsholm Refuse Disposal Works in the North West of Glasgow (0.30) refuse trucks dumping their load at Dawsholm (1.33) shots of dust men in a tenement block collecting rubbish from the back court (2.43) talking head i/v with the two dust men in the back court (3.54) shot of a refuse truck stopping in a suburban street in Knightswood with the dust man delivering plastic disposable bags to a house and taking away a full one (4.09) brief shot of the ext of Glasgow City Chambers (4.16) talking head i/v with the Director of Cleansing Mr. David Jackson in his office in the Cleansing Department of the City Chambers discussing the problems of modern refuse disposal (9.11) shots of dogs defecating on the streets with the reporter standing in some dog dirt then wiping it off his shoe (9.44) brief shot of a scrap merchant walking his horse and cart on a street (9.55) gvs of rubbish grounds around the city moving onto shots of the results of a dust men's dispute in Ferguslie Park in Paisley with rubbish strewn around the housing estate, George Reid to camera moving onto talking head iv's with local residents(12.47) reporter standing beside one of the twin furnaces at Dawsholm where rubbish is being burnt moving onto the control room with an operator at the controls (13.36) shots of a conveyor belt of paper rubbish being sorted then packed into bales (14.26) ashes of the burnt rubbish being loaded onto a van and taken away (14.57) brief shot of Dawsholm (15.07) van with the burnt rubbish arrives at Wilderness Quarry, Glasgow's municipal coup on the outskirts of Bishopbriggs, with the reporter to camera winding up the programme (16.20)