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Ex-farmer Bob Harris describes how he used to plunk it from school as a boy in rural Lanarkshire. (clip)

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Bob Harris carries his daughter Joy up three flights of stairs to visit her sister - Joy was a victim of polio at the age of three. (clip)

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Title: FAIRMER, the

Reference number: T2251

Date: mid 1970s

Director: d. Rich Mc (?)

Production company: Scottish Television

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 25.13 mins

Description: Television documentary series focussing on the lives of ordinary Scots, presented by Michael Grieve. This edition tells the story of Bob Harris and his family, originally a farmer from Coalburn, Lanarkshire who moved to the city and now works for the parks department of Glasgow City Council.

Credits: [Please note end credits are spoken only]
camera Bill Scott
ass. camera Ron Wilkins
sd. rec. Harry Brooks
telemixer Gary Cockburn
film ed. Iain MacKenzie
written and presented by Michael Grieve
STV Colour Production from Scotland

Shotlist: [no title or credits] Michael Grieve to camera introducing programme in Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow (0.29) Bob Harris sweeping the leaves in the park (2.16) shot of Bob pushing Joy his daughter who is suffering from polio in a wheelchair down a street in Glasgow (3.16) Bob wandering through his childhood haunts in Coalburn, Lanarkshire, including the house he was born in, now in ruins. He remembers going to school, walking three miles there and three miles back (8.33) M.G. to camera outside farmhouse (8.58) Bob carrying Joy up tenement stairs followed by interview in the tenement flat of Joy's sister (12.17) Bob in Coalburn standing beside a coal slag heap (13.13) Bob driving his tractor through Glasgow (15.02) taking head of John Murray - Bob's boss - being interviewed in his office interspersed with shot of Bob in the canteen (16.15) Bob working in Glasgow, planting trees (17.23) interviews with Bob's family in their family home (21.38) Bob pushing Joy up Yorkhill (23.35) M.G. to camera winding up programme (24.11) montage clips, of previous scenes, of Bob (24.33) ecs (25.13)