MAN OF THE WORLD: A Profile of John Boyd Orr

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Title: MAN OF THE WORLD: A Profile of John Boyd Orr

Reference number: T0706

Date: 1970c

Director: [d. Russell Galbraith]

Producer: [ Russell Galbraith]

Production company: Scottish Television

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bwcol

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 25.30 mins

Description: A tribute to John Boyd Orr age 90 - his life.

Note that there are no titles or end credits on the film as transferred to tape - this is therefore not a complete version.

See also Nobel Peace Prize website for biography at [last accessed 18/7/2008]

Credits: [also appearing Rt. Hon. Harold Wilson M.P., Lord Ritchie-Calder, Dr. Kenneth Blaxster, Des Wilson.
narr. John Sheddon
sc. associate Charles Gormley.
Old Glasgow Stills T.& R. Annan.
sd. Alan MacNicol, Garry Coleman, Gavin Lessells
camera Ron Fraser
film ed. Iain MacKenzie]

Shotlist: [Note that there are no titles or end credits on the film as transferred to tape]

[STV logo] (0.08) Harold Wilson to camera (0.18) Boyd Orr in car (0.30) [blank - presumably for title insert?] (0.42) Orr in car intercut with children playing in playpark (1.13) Harold Wilson to camer, intercut with shots of Boyd Orr writing at desk (3.18) J.B.O. in garden with wife v/o J.B.O. danger of pollution, population expolosion and hunger (4.40) Ritchie Calder "his work changed the way of dealing with hunger' c/u's of starving Africans (5.58) stills of West Kilbride - v/o - birth place (6.59) Glasgow University, c/u's slum stills (7.52) Des Wilson , Director of Shelter (8.34) J.B.O. on animal and human health link, comment by Kenneth Flaxter, Director of Rowat Institute, c/u sheep operation (10.16) World War One Stills (11.16) Rowat Institute (11.36) 1930s Jarrow March (12.03) milk bottling, free milk to children (13.03) c/u of schoolchildren drinking milk (14.12) Calder (14.33) J.B.O. with dog, to camera about nutrition. Intercut with shots of children playing (16.22) talk of Harold Wilson's food policy based on nutritional fact, supply of orange juice, cod liver oil during the war, especially to pregnant and ursing mothers (16.57) starving Africans Rooseveldt (and the World Food Board) (18.06) founding of United Nations Organisation (UNO), Boyd Orr made first Director General of UN food (19.06) shot of farmland, commentary mentions how Boyd Orr started the International Emergency Food Council which controlled import and export of all food during the post-war crisis. Shots of people eating well / intercut with images of starvation (20.20) Calder (21.00) J.B.O. v/o c/u's laboratory (21.38) gvs 1949 Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony (22.04) Supermarket intercut with starvation(23.29) J.F. Kennedy, nuclear bomb, ecs (25.30) Scottish Television Colour Production (25.45)