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Reference number: 9945

Date: 1950 / 1951

Director: filmed by Averil and Willie Murdoch

Sound: silent

Original format: std. 8mm

Colour: bwcol

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 21.46 mins

Description: Amateur footage of equestrian displays at riding schools.

Shotlist: [B&W] INSTITUTE OF AMATEUR CINEMATOGRAPHERS - A MEMBERS’ FILM Shots of people on horseback parading around a walled enclosure while an audience watches. (Hazelden Riding School, Mearnskirk) Shots of the people riding around in various formations and being inspected. A shot of a man in a jockey’s uniform sitting on the back of a horse in a stable yard. The man then rides around the arena and demonstrates different riding techniques including trotting and walking sideways. The man gets off the horse and demonstrates the horse’s ability to obey commands. Shots of show-jumping. Shots of a man clowning around on the back of the horse including riding backwards. Shots of a dog and two girls in the stable yard. Shots of people riding their horses along the promenade next to the beach - THE END INSTITUTE OF AMATEUR CINEMATOGRAPHERS A MEMBERS’ FILM Shots of children petting foals and a dog. Shots of older women and girls on horseback. The group go to the walled arena and ride in formation. Shots of the girls riding over a higher jump. Shots of two men on horseback trying to knock each other off with bags of hay. Shots of two younger boys doing the same. More shots of people riding over a fence. Brief shots of a woman packing up an event stall. Shots of children putting a hat on a foal in the stable yard and a girl riding around on the foal. Shots of a dog sitting on the back of a foal. [COL] Shots of horses and foals in a field. Shots of a girl feeding a horse while sitting in a car. Shots of people near a river. Shots of a carved stone with the words ‘Widecombe in the Moor.’ Shots of a church. Shots of people on horseback on a country road. - THE END