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Reference number: 9546

Date: 1964* / 1965*

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 11.53 mins

Description: Footage of Dingleton Hospital at Melrose, including an interview with pioneer of 'therapy communities' Dr. Maxwell Jones.

Cataloguer's comment: "The interview with Dr. Maxwell Jones at the start has been filmed for probably a TV documentary, and the rest of the footage may have been filmed as part of the same programme, or may be amateur."

See also ref. 9547

Shotlist: [no title] - gvs buildings at Dingleton Hospital, Melrose, cars parked outside (0.15) Dr. Maxwell Jones of Dingleton Hospital interviewed by reporter, discussing improving public awareness of mental health issues and hospitals; final year school children should visit to improve awareness; the potential of group psychiatry, sharing resources in community; helping people to express their feelings and share them; stress in modern society; breaking down the loneliness of the individual sufferer within a community; improving chances of recovery from mental illness and integration within society (5.07) gvs hospital gateway, cars leaving and arriving, main building - int gvs, staff at work in laundry, washing, spinning pressing bedsheets and clothes (7.18) [mute] gvs of staff meeting at hospital, nurses and doctors sitting around table - gvs hospital patients engaged in craft-work, playing snooker (8.36) gvs retirement presentation for hospital Medical Superintendent Dr. George MacDonald Bell, guests seated around room, speeches made at table - Dr. Bell speaks and guests applaud and laugh - woman is presented with posy and press photographers take photographs - gvs guests coming out of the building, chatting and smoking (11.53) gv hospital building - official cars draw up outside hospital, one with lion rampant above windscreen - dignitary wearing kilt is welcomed and signs hospital register, mingles with staff and patients (11.53)