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  • Argyllshire


  • Education
  • Music


  • Amateur


  • NEELY, Anne


  • 1950s

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Reference number: 9425

Date: 1955*

Sound: silent

Original format: std. 8mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 14.20 mins

Description: Amateur footage of daily activities at Castle Toward Residential School during the summer, including sports and crafts in the grounds, a fishing trip and trips to the beach.

Shotlist: gvs Castle Toward buildings, front door - title - woman [possibly Miss Hubbard, first head teacher of residential school] brings small dog out of door on to paved terrace and pathway - gvs young children playing in pond with home-made toy yachts - c/u frog at edge of pond - boy running around wearing sailor's hat - children paddling in pond and holding frog - frog briefly sitting on boat (2.28) gvs children at craft workshop outside, some cutting animal shapes from card, some using sea shells for necklaces - boys painting shells (3.59) gvs herd of sheep and lambs on terrace and around grounds, then being herded by shepherds and dogs - gvs sheep being put through dip, being watched by some of the children - l/s football pitches, games in progress, two instructors in foreground - gvs boys playing football, girls and boys playing rounders - instructors lead children back to castle (6.59) l/s tanker on Firth of Clyde - c/u water's edge - gvs firth - gvs children leaving castle, birds on shore, waves - children change into swimming costumes and play on shore, making sand-pies and sunbathing - boys wash buckets in stream before leaving - shots of sand-pies collapsing in tide - gvs birds flocking in field (9.22) boys walk out on to pier and start fishing using toy lines - c/u boy holding small crab - more crabs caught and used for bait - boy helped on to pier after swimming - one boy catches a fish and the others bow in mock admiration - boys return in a line to castle with fish and crabs strung on a line (11.33) gvs tuck shop, girls and boys come out with sweets and ice cream, counting their change - dark shots inside shop (12.21) children at beach, all run into the water together, one girl tests the water for a while, then all run out and get dried - staff and instructors having picnic at beach - c/u bird's eggs and young birds around castle - shots of dead badger on lawn, held up for camera by two men (14.20)