SEAMILL 1940 - 1948

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Title: SEAMILL 1940 - 1948

Reference number: 9379

Date: 1940 - 1948

Director: filmed by Dr M Carfrae Douglas

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 16.08 mins

Description: Happy memories are captured in this film featuring sunny holidays at Seamill Hydro in the 1940s.

See also ref. 9378

Shotlist: title and opening credit (0.16) Seamill 1940 gvs same, including exts streets and exts Hydro (0.53) children and adults building sandcastles on beach (1.41) children get ice cream from van on beach (2.13) playing cricket in Seamill Hydro grounds (2.28) gvs Hydro grounds, as children gather for group photo [many wearing little sunhats], play games on lawn, enjoy ice cream (3.19) children laugh as they push man around on children's tricycle (3.24) ladies relax and enjoy tea sitting on garden swing, watching children playing on grass, gvs walking around garden in bloom (4.36) Seamill 1941 ints swimming pool, children (4.55) playing rounders with tennis racquet, Seamill Hydro grounds (5.30) fun and games at the beach and splashing in the sea, a group of boys fight with a lilo (6.11) ints boys in swimming pool (6.21) mother (?) and children walk along a forest path in the dappled sunlight (6.35) group photos in Seamill Hydro grounds (6.56) boy and girl play 'wheelbarrows' in garden. Seamill 1948 sign for same (7.27) c/u sign 'West Kilbride Golf Club gvs same (7.41) The day’s hard work begins! several men tee off on golf course, sea clearly visible in background (8.14) gvs golf course, housing and seashore around West Kilbride (8.40) ints clubhouse, men lounge around, some nap and read papers (8.54) mother and boys enjoy looking at the view atop hill (9.05) people relaxing on deckchairs in Seamill Hydro grounds.  Man acts up for the camera pretending to 'walk a tightrope' using a girl's parasol to balance (9.22) gvs young people playing tennis and folling around for the camera (9.45) group photos in the rose garden, includes sequence where small girl in pink dress attempts to dance a 'Highland Fling' for the camera (10.18) brief shot two women sitting in deckchairs, one is knitting (10.22) adult group photo (10.36) gvs cricket game (10.43) [initially very underexposed] ints people enjoying a cup of tea (11.03) ints swimming pool, young girls (11.26) adult group photo in the garden, note that some are smoking cigarettes (11.51) family swimming and paddling in sea, Dad carries wee girl in his arms (12.08) Arran Cruise August 1948 gvs steamer leaving Ardrossan Winton Station pier, gvs scenics on crossing and arrival at Brodick (13.53) l/s of beach, wooden beach huts are visible (14.08) steamer leaving Brodick [Duchess of Hamilton or Glen Sannox?] (14.23) children sit on bench looking over bay at Brodick, gvs steamers and view from on board - gvs railway station, with steam train passing platform (14.57) exts Seamill Hydro, cars departing and people waving them off (15.45) sunset overlooking sea (16.08)