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Title: LOSSIEMOUTH HARBOUR 1964 - 1965

Reference number: 9114

Date: 1964 - 1965

Director: filmed by J.D. Souter

Sound: silent

Original format: std. 8mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 25.37 mins

Description: Amateur footage of fishing boats at sea and in Lossiemouth, Buckie and Aberdeen harbours - also includes home movie family footage in Lossiemouth.

Shotlist: [no title] - shot of families with prams on Lossiemouth street - shot of woman and boy in garden, man walking up road carrying - budgie cage in house (1.11) dark shots of man packing Vauxhall Cresta estate car and driving away (1.51) family shots around house and garden, in street, playing with dog in garden (3.14) shots at harbour, fishing boats and fishermen - people driving small boats at funfair (4.04) street shots in residential area, schoolgirls, children, men working in garden, aeroplane in distance (5.17) brief beach scene, more shots around house and street (6.19) shots on board fishing boat, young boy (6.35) brief shot of car park at beach (6.47) more garden shots - young man kicking football on grass (7.26) street scenes near house, men standing on Dunbar Street, group walking past camera, Emilio's mobile shop (8.23) shots of man and boy walking past cargo ships Maaskade and Monodora at Aberdeen harbour, shots of other men at Harbour Hotel (9.23) subj. shot from big wheel at fairground, shots of the 'Giggler' fairground ride, young man walking away from the Inversnecky Cafe, pony and trap rides at pier (9.57) shot of aircraft carrier in distance - gvs Lossiemouth harbour, including fishing boat INS.68 Britannia passing, INS.65 Strathyre departing (11.17) shots of mother and baby in garden (11.37) shots of fishing boats entering Lossiemouth harbour, including INS.269 Fruitful Bough, INS.43 Thrive, INS.165 Girl Helen, INS.245 Excelsior - brief shot of jet aircraft overhead - INS.251 St. Geraldine, INS.146 Caronia entering harbour - shots in Lossiemouth harbour, including WK.207 Silver Chord, INS.56 Fame, INS.221 Triton, INS.68 Britannia, INS.16 Olympic, INS.309 Marandra, INS.96 Vigilant - gvs harbour and boats - INS.90 Verbena, INS.43 Thrive, INS.200 Ocean Gleaner - gvs boats in Lossiemouth harbour, sheds, fish auction, gvs boats (15.49) brief shot boy in school uniform digging garden - shots of UL.166 Ben Loyal coming down slipway into harbour - fast panning shots across boats in harbour (16.30) shots of girl feeding dog in garden, brief shot of converted van / bus (16.56) gvs at sea from boat, fishing boats passing (17.50) boats approaching Lossiemouth, including INS.116 Rosemary, INS.204 Clover - gvs Lossiemouth harbour, INS.44 Gift passing - INS.285 Renown entering, followed by INS.289 Mistletoe, INS.295 Endeavour, INS.89 Girl Freda - INS.72 Leander in harbour - shot of man and boy at shed standing beside dead shark (19.42) gvs at Aberdeen harbour, including A.319 Ben Meidie and ferry - LT.467 Ocean Surf entering - gvs harbour, sheds and boats, tugs (20.37) UL.106 Inverlossie at Lossiemouth harbour - gvs at Buckie harbour, including BCK.64 Fragrant Rose entering, BCK.125 Kia-Ora, BCK.207 Victory - gvs Buckie harbour, boatshed, gvs fishing boats, lifeboat - shots leaving harbour, including BCK.114 Morann, BCK.118 Crimond, INS.92 Pathway - tracking shot along harbour - INS.134 Narinia, the last INS drifter, BCK.45 Girl Mary, BCK.50 Planet and others - FR.218 Xmas Morn departing (22.19) gvs from boat at sea, vessel, coastline, gvs Lossiemouth - shots from house window in Lossiemouth - gvs in Lossiemouth harbour, INS.201 Avondale manoeuvring - dark shot at sea - boats entering harbour - gvs harbour and shots from boat at sea - gvs crowded Lossiemouth harbour (25.37)