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Reference number: 8937

Date: 1987, December

Sound: sound

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 32.44 mins

Description: Young children from Dalry Nursery perform a nativity and a selection of Christmas songs with actions as their parents look on.

Shotlist: [shotlisted from mp4 file using VLC media player]

colour bars, black (.10) visuals Christmas play, narrated by teacher [sometimes oof] (12.27) brief shot parents; boys crouch on floor as class sing "Five Little Robins", each taking part of a robin (14.38) c/u boy plays Santa standing in a "chimney", teachers and children sing "When Santa Got Stuck up the Chimney" (15.18) ms boy in costume performs actions for a snowman song (16.05) ms girl dressed as an angel performs actions for "I Know Don't You" (16.52) elevated shots children perform action songs; occasional closer shots babies in audience (18.25) four girls in costume perform actions to "We Are Little Snowflakes" (20.06) small group of children perform actions to (21.28) ms boy in costume performs actions for "Funny Little Snowman" (21.59) children skip and march around Christmas tree (23.14) children decorate a tree as teachers and children sing (25.05) "Five Little Robins" with five older boys (26.45) costumed children perform "Five Christmas Buns" (29.28) children act out Jingle Bells as everyone sings, followed by "Away in a Manger" (32.13) brief shots audience leaving (32.44)