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Reference number: 8567

Date: 1983

Sponsor: Amoco (UK) Exploration Company

Production company: Wadlow Grosvenor Productions

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 26.23 mins

Description: A promotional documentary demonstrating the wide range of industries and suppliers in Britain and Europe who contributed to the construction of the North West Hutton Field oil rig in the North Sea.

Credits: p. Jean Wadlow

Shotlist: Amoco logo - gvs of workers in factory welding large metal cylinder - rostrum shot map of Scotland and oil fields - c/u shots of welders - gvs engineers at work in various locations - title - gvs in foundry, including forge, control room, smelting vat - gvs of oil rig construction yard at Ardersier, jacket of rig under construction, gvs construction and workers (2.29) gvs of disused coal mine at Methil, oil rig construction yard in background - gvs of modular construction of rig, c/u shots of workers (3.19) gvs of construction of platform accommodation module and twin derricks at Great Yarmouth, and construction yards in the Netherlands and on Teesside (4.24) shots of tugs towing rig out to North Sea and template being lowered to sea bed for new rig - gvs of workers on drilling rig, core samples being cut from sea bed and taken off in Amoco helicopter - shots of pipes being forged in steel mill and coated with concrete - shot of pipe being fed into sea from barge - rostrum shot of map of North Sea showing oil and gas pipelines to shore - gvs of jacket being moved from Ardersier yard, pulled on to barge, aerial views of tugs towing it into Moray Firth - shots from barges of jacket being towed (9.37) animation of jacket being removed from barge and lowered to sea bed - shots of winch deck being fitted intercut with animated shots - animated sequence of jacket being manoeuvred over template and locked (11.28) shots of jacket being secured by steel piles in rough weather - shots of divers in water working on pipe ends (12.48) gvs of modules in yards at Zwijndrecht and Methil and accommodation module, the 'Grand Hotel' at Great Yarmouth - int gvs of accommodation module under construction - gvs of plumbing and catering equipment being manufactured at Falkirk - gv of Portsmouth harbour and yard with fibreglass lifeboats - gvs of lifeboats under construction in factory - gvs of manufacture of alarm and shutdown systems at factory in New Malden (15.19) gvs of manufacture of communications equipment at factory near Edinburgh - gvs of crane construction yard on Tyneside, cranes lifting test weights - gvs of manufacture of generators at factory in Liverpool - sequence of shots of assorted items being manufactured (16.48) shots of crane cables on oil rig, module support frame being lifted from barge and fitted on jacket - rostrum map of UK and North Sea locations - shots of tug 'Ganges' towing accommodation module from Great Yarmouth - shots of modules from Zwijndrecht being towed along River Maas (18.58) shots of arrival of Methil modules on site at North West Hutton Field in North Sea - shots of floating crane lifting modules on to platform, workers watching and manoeuvring - shots of flare boom being craned into position - aerial wide shot of rig structure taking shape (21.12) shots of workers arriving by helicopter for 'hook-up' on floating rig alongside - int gvs of floating annexe accommodation, including bedrooms, laundrette, games room - shots of workers and food in cafeteria - gvs of engineers and workers completing final fitting out on board rig (23.00) aerial shot of rig - shots of workers monitoring underwater CCTV - aerial shot of platform - shots of phone call from rig to American manager about rig being ready for start-up - gvs of tests with staff in control room and workers checking valves (24.56) aerial shots of Sullom Voe oil terminal - int shots in Sullom Voe control room - shot of worker firing flare from platform to light gas overflow from flare boom - ecs - Amoco logo (26.23)