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Reference number: 8528

Date: 1949 - 1950

Director: d. David F. Stark

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: Non-Fiction

Running time: 14.38 mins

Description: An affectionate profile of Hibernian Football Club. This film records all players and directors on and off the pitch, young boys in training as well as footage of matches against St. Mirren and Rangers, including their triumph in the Scottish League Cup 1947 - 1948.

See also ref 8529

For further information about Hibernian Football Club, see website at http://www.hibernianfc.co.uk [last accessed 30/9/2010]

Credits: ph. David F. Stark
titles Bruce Cunningham

by kind permission of the Hibernian Football Club
Chairman HS Swan
Manager Hugh Shaw
Trainer Jimmy McColl
Directors William W. Terris, Thomas E.H. Hartland
Groundsman Harry Reading

Shotlist: [shotlisted from VHS, burnt-in timecode]

title and opening credits (0.38) c/u bus, driver manually changing destination board to read 'Easter Road' (0.42) tracking shot on Corstorphine Road passing Donaldson's School for the Deaf, to Haymarket - the junction at Princes Street with Binns Department store clearly visible [later to become House of Fraser]. Gvs trams and pedestrians (1.17) shots of Princes Street, as taken from moving tram, towards Leith Walk / Regent Street (1.28) outside Easter Road (1.34) gvs of streets including 'Young Brothers' shop on corner, Albion Road, exts church (1.50) exts Hibernian Football Club stadium (1.55) ints football ground as seen from player's tunnel (1.58) slow pan across stands - note the white barriers for 'standing only' spectators - note in one shot a groundsman can be seen painting the goal posts white (2.42) Centre stand with sign "Directors, Players and Officials only" (2.45) H.S. Swan view of director, dressed smartly in a bowler hat and waistcoat, smoking and walking around his garden and home. He deadheads some flowers (3.44) brief head and shoulders shots of Hugh Shaw, J.E.H. Hartland and H.W. Terris (4.03) shots of Trainers Jimmy McColl, Sammy Kean. Groundsman Harry Reading (4.24) and Goalkeeper Tommy Younger (4.30) sequence of shots with intertitles prece3ding each identifying the player and his position:- Right back John Govan, Left Back J. Cairns, Right half-back Hugh Howie, Centre Half John Paterson, Right half-back Bobby Combe, Outside right Gordon Smith view of same and shot of a few players in shot together, having a laugh as they pose for shots. Sequence continues with Inside right R. Johnstone, Centre forward Lawrie Reilly, Inside Left Eddie Turnbull , Outside Left Willie Ormond, Right Back David Shaw, Left half back A. Buchanan, Half back John Ogilvie, and Right half back W. Finnigan shot of cat / dog on the pitch (7.41) gvs players in training session including ball skills and running (8.28) Stars of the Future? young lads line up [presumably the junior team?] gvs training, positions are discussed with coaches, marking out the grass etc (9.20) brief shot drummer outside the grounds, pre-match (9.29) gvs inside grounds, stands are packed with spectators for Hibs v St. Mirren match. The players run out onto pitch, general views game. White line is re-painted at goal mouth at one point (12.04) League Decider "Battle of the Giants" Rangers v Hibs Score 0-0. [Ibrox Stadium, Glasgow] ladies perform dancing and exercises on pitch (12.27) the cup is marched in along with much fanfare / brass marching band; boys run out onto field followed by players in main teams, gvs game (14.10) c/u press cuttings 'We're in hunger mood to get goals" "Battered by the Hibs" "Gordon Smith's 3 in Easter Road Orgy" "Green's collect six of the best" Headlines 1949 - 50 (14.29) c/u banner 'Hibernian Football Club Scottish league championship 1947 - 48 (14.34) The End (14.38)