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Reference number: 8265

Date: 1990

Director: [filmed by Rev. John Jackson]

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bwcol

Fiction: Non-Fiction

Running time: 16.33 mins

Description: An amateur compilation of footage relating to the Borders. Includes a vintage car rally at Mellerstain House, general views around Berwick, village of Etal, an agricultural show, village of Wooler, and a section flashing back to Wooler in 1946 featuring the threshing of corn. The film ends with a 'pilot's eye view' of an aeroplane flight from Winfield to Glenrothes taken in 1990.

Handwritten notes on original can:- "Hot air balloon and jets. One way around. Kelso raft race - another way. Mellerstain vintage cars falcons. Para display. Historic frontier. Branxton concrete jungle. Great Hall. Fair Land. Berwick newbridge - another way around. Etal and gardens place for play and holiday. H'Law Mill light railway. Lady Augusta Steam engine. 1929 Fowler threshing team wagon. Ford Bridge. Kelso Show cattle heavy shire horses and dray wagons. Wooler the present and flashback from 1946 film to ex-POWs working on threshing machine 1946 Harvest. Harvest 1990 style milne graden. Add on GBAHS 8/9/1990 Flight from Winfield airfield (RAF WWII air radar research Air radar research defiant night fighter) to Glenrothes where fuelled and return. First air to ground film shot by JJ Films (meter reading estimated on ground reading) B/H 700 to landing & height [camera 10,000ft approx height] flies over Milne Graden west."

Shotlist: [shotlisted from VHS, manual control track]

[COL] title (0.14) hot air balloon 'James Tyler? Edinburgh' emblazoned on the side (0.58) jet in sky (1.17) gvs Kelso raft race, very busy, on a summer's day (2.55) exts Mellerstain House vintage car event (4.18) aeroplane in sky (4.22) parachute display w colored smoke (4.47) further gvs vintage car display (5.22) landscape and fields gvs (5.37) exts village cottage. gvs park, zoo animals / knight in garden paper mache etc (7.07) exts estate / big house [unid] (7.17) view over Berwick (7.25) river and concrete bridge into Berwick with traffic crossing (7.39) gvs village of Etal including exts Black Bull pub and ruined castle, thatched cottage (8.25) angling in river, fields (8.36) steam railway loco light railway (9.03) sign 'Errol Hut Smithy & Workshop Visitors Welcome' exts hut / carriage (9.20) bridge (9.29) gvs agricultural show, including horses and carts Clydesdales pulling carriages along (10.19) Wooler main street, exts Black Bull pub (10.26) landscape (10.31) Time Flashback POW's at Wooler Farm 1946 (10.39) [BW] shot of Wooler main street in 1946, including exts Black Bull Hotel (10.49) gvs field, threshing the harvest (11.12) river (11.19) [COL] threshing with agric machinery in field, tracking shot. Combine harvester in action (11.53) [BW] The End (12.00) [COL] AROUND THE BORDERS 1990. UP & AWAY WINFIELD TO GLENROTHES 8th September (12.15) aeroplane G-BAHS light aircraft gvs overlooking landscape and towns, Forth Bridge etc below, brief shot of cockpit and controls (16.30) [BW] The End JJ Films 16mm (16.33)