HAVING A PERIOD: Menstruation

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Title: HAVING A PERIOD: menstruation

Reference number: 6954

Date: 1980

Sponsor: Scottish Health Education Unit

Production company: Markcrown Limited

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 16.54 mins

Description: An educational film aimed at secondary school pupils that explains the process of menstruation. An older girl answers the questions of her younger sibling and explains things in a friendly and straightforward manner.

Credits: Copyright 1980
Distributed by Boulton-Hawker Films Limited, Hadleigh, Suffolk

Shotlist: (0.00) [SHEG logo] (0.14) girl walking up stairs in housing scheme (0.54) woman sitting on bed explaining explaining how periods are completely natural (1.55) title girls leave the house, one older and one younger - they are sisters (2.44) they exit the supermarket (3.04) they enter Chemist shop where older woman buys things including sanitary towels. Younger girl asks what they are and receives brief explanation (4.57) they walk through play park, explanation continues as to how you can exercise and do everything normally during menstruation (5.17) they return home where younger brother starts unpacking bags, he looks at sanitary towels and asks what they are. Older girl starts explaining to them both, starting with diagram of female anatomy. c/u diagram and photograph of naked woman. Explanation covers reproductive organs, ovaries, ovulation, fertilisation, how baby grows in womb, how womb lining is discharged every month and that is called a 'period', frequency of periods, changes in body (13.29) younger girl goes away with information. Discussion of blood loss, menopause, sanitary towels and tampons (16.00) two girls leave the house (16.19) ecs (16.54)