The first winter session of the Edinburgh Cine Society kicks off with a lecture on projectors by Mr. J. S. Dunlop. (clip)

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Reference number: 6944

Date: 1936 - 1957

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bwcol

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 53.27 mins

Description: A series of short films joined together to commemorate 21st birthday of Edinburgh Cine Society.

Where individual films are preserved by the National Library of Scotland Moving Image Archive, their ref nos. are indicated in [brackets] in the shotlist.

Notes from donor: This is not really twenty one years of E.C.S. but rather a sequence of life in E.C.S. in 1936 - 37 and another sequence taken of activities, mainly the Dinner-dance in 1957. The film is fully titled and captioned so that there is no difficulty in following the action or seeing who is who. As a result it holds considerable interest, for names we have seen on the Awards list, or of former presidents, now take on a reality.

1936-37 sequences:
Secretary, Miss Kemp, at work
A meeting with J.Lauder as President
A lecture on projectors by J.S. Dunlop
A visit to Inchcolm by boat
Shots of the Royal Visit in 1937 (see film No.63)
Prizewinners in first Annual Competition
Ourselves at work (comedy sequence)

1957 sequences:
Chief Constable Merrilees makes prize draw
A.G.M. with Jim Douglas President
Dinner-Dance at Carlton Hotel
Speeches from W.Merrilees, D.M. Elliot, B. Winpenny (silent!)
Presentation of prizes

Shotlist: [BW] title 1936 (0.14) people gathering to watch projection screen (0.40) Our industrious Secretary, Miss E. H. Kemp soon started the ball rolling Miss Kemp reading a copy of 'Amateur Cine World', gvs typing (1.07) Mr John N. Lauder became our first President Mr Lauder at desk (1.45) First Winter Session Lectures of great interest to amateurs were arranged, e.g. "Projectors".. Mr. J. S. Dunlop gvs Dunlop lecture (2.38) In lighter vein we visited Inchcolm boarding boat 'Auld Reekie' at Inchcolm (2.58) We discovered we had good sailors gvs people on board; .... and otherwise! man looking ill and 'pretending' to be sick overboard, followed by gvs Forth Rail bridge, Abbey ruins on Inchcolm (3.53) The Hermit's Cave. Oldest roofed house in Scotland gvs same (4.13) Their Majesties' State Visit to Edinburgh found our cameras "on the spot", and a very comprehensive record was made - a few excerpts gvs same (4.43) This successful year came to an end with the cine club's first annual competitions. The 'Lizar's Trophy' presented for annual competition by Messers J. Lizars. Won by Mr. A. L. Cunningham with 'Gladys Grows Up' [see ref. {5862}] excerpt from film (5.02) ... and here is Gladys "off set" Gladys and father with trophy (5.21) Club prize for the best 16m/m film was won with :- Scottish Motor Sport Coronation Rally Bo'Ness Hill Climb (5.35) Mrs Peacock's film "Dunbar" [see ref. 6429] in kodachrome was a very close second in the 16m/m competition. Mr J. Douglas carried off the 9.5m/m section with "Evening Cruise" [see ref. 6629] (5.42) man splicing film whilst smoking a cigarette (5.51) Ourselves at Work spoof comedy sequence of film-makers at work (7.04) At the end of our first year we had attained a good membership, and now look forward eagerly to many years of even greater success (7.09) [COL] Edinburgh Cine Society Outing to Scougall - 10th July 1938 [see ref. 5855] gvs same; We often wondered what water was for; gvs people on beach, man carrying women across water (8.24) people picnicking in sand dunes (8.44) Cheero! beach rounders, airgun (9.52) The cameraman's dilemma - What would you have done? shot of woman (9.59) Glad you all agree playing wheelbarrows, three legged race (10.29) What can we do now? gvs people standing around - they appear to be running a cord around the group (?) (10.41) Plenty, but that is all the film we have (10.44) -blank- (10.49) [BW] Edinburgh's Coronation Pictorial 1937 [see ref. 6467] gvs soldiers march along Princes Street; Royal carriages (12.23) [COL] line-up of soldiers, Royal procession arrives; King inspects the troops, Queen and daughters in background (15.41) [BW] The Munro family at the Empire Exhibition [see ref. 5859] includes elevated view (from tower) (21.37) ECS PRESenTS "RISE AND SHINE" man at army barracks, ext. ECS, HQ. Men with brushes, man unloads cleaning products from car. Gvs comic cleaning int. ECS building. People ext. building smiling for camera (29.12) [COL] Edinburgh Castle, crowd-lined Princes street, carriages pass with people in Royal costume to celebrate Queen's coronation in 1953; Queen Elizabeth II inspects troops in Holyrood (?) gardens, ext. St. Giles cathedral, gvs crowd, Prince Philip; carriage procession through streets (34.57) [BW] Edinburgh Cine Society 1954 A NIGHT AT THE CLUB gvs people in cinema at ECS, int. projection box. Sound is played from a vinyl record player (36.46) Tea is served! gvs same (37.31) We Hope Volunteers Will Always Be Forthcoming For --- dishwashing (37.56) The Presentation of the 1954 Ten Best [as awarded by Amateur Cine World] c/u trophies (38.15) Two of Our Members W. S. Dobson and J. L. Patterson Win 'Oscars'; W.S.Dobson For "TRIO IN TROUBLE" [see ref. 3078] c/u trophy (29.00) J. L .Patterson For "WE BUILD HOUSES" [see ref. 6378] c/u trophy (39.02) The Vice President - J. McClean Greets Mr. Little of the Edinburgh Photographic Society who presents the Awards gvs same (40.16) The Secretary - E. L. Howse Introduces Mr. Little gvs same, applause (40.59) W. S. Dobson Has A Few Words On The Joys? Of Cine Club Membership! gvs same (41.25) Newsreel 1956 [see ref. 6283]; Progress at the New Bus Station ; gvs Edinburgh (46.15) 1957. Our 21st Year. Prize Draw 1957. Our Honorary President Mr. Merrilees makes The Draw gvs same (48.09) The Annual General Meeting Continues. The President James Douglas Gives His Report gvs same (48.28) The 21st Anniversary Dinner and Dance at the Carlton Hotel 29th November 1957 gvs same (49.10) The President - Brian P. Winpenny Presents James Douglas, A Founder Member, With A Silver Plaque In Recognition Of His Services Over The Last 21 Years gvs same (49.57) D. M .Elliot - Director Of The Scottish Film Council Proposes The Toast To The Society gvs same. The President Replies gvs same (50.31) Wm. Merrilees - Chief Constable of the Lothians and Peebles Constabulary Proposes the Toast to the Ladies gvs same (50.53) Wm. Little -Vice President Replies on Behalf of the Ladies gvs same (51.13) Dancing Starts gvs same (51.20) Presentation of Trophies by Mrs L. Winpenny. The Lizars Trophy J. D. Hendry for "OUT OF DARKNESS" gvs same (51.39) The Alan Harper Trophy Best Documentary J. D. Hendry for "OUT OF DARKNESS" gvs same (51.55) The Marwick Shield Technical Aility J. D. Hendry for "TWO FOR TEA" gvs same (52.08) The Budgie Cup Best 35mm Transparency C. Dumbreck gvs same (52.28) Dancing Continues Until One am gvs same (53.20) The End (53.27)