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  • Glasgow


  • Arts and crafts


  • Documentary


  • Grigor, Murray


  • 1980s

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Reference number: 6766

Date: 1987

Director: d. Murray Grigor

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 10.53 mins

Description: Unedited footage of the installation of artist George Wyllie's "Straw Locomotive", a work which signified the decline of heavy industry on the banks of the Clyde. Includes shots of the loco's procession through the centre of Glasgow to the crane at Finnieston, where it is secured and hoisted above the Clyde.

See also refs. 4860. 4861, 6763 and 7559

For further information see also http://www.georgewyllie.com/ [last accessed 04/05/2020]

Credits: ph. M. Coulter

Shotlist: [no title] - brief shots and slate (0.08) shot of George Wyllie waving from straw loco cab (0.33) wide shot of loco on low loader going along street (0.39) shot of loco going past derelict tenements with open-decked buses in procession (1.13) shots of procession passing City Chambers and Cenotaph (2.31) shot of procession passing up St. Vincent Street (2.58) shot of procession passing Greek Thomson's St. Vincent St. Church (3.32) procession passing over M8 at Argyle Street (4.01) c/u shot of Finnieston Street sign, zoom out to procession passing down into Finnieston Street (4.33) loco arriving at Stobcross Quay and stopping under crane (5.38) c/u shot of crane, tilt down to loco (6.15) c/u shots of lifting beam bolts being lowered (7.00) c/u shots of bolts being attached (7.22) c/u shots of George Wyllie and Willie Dewar attaching final bolt (8.58) c/u shot of 'The Straw Locomotive' nameplate, zoom out to loco being lifted off low loader (9.38) wide shot of onlookers (9.48) c/u and wide shots of loco suspended from crane (10.53)