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Reference number: 6133

Date: 2002

Sponsor: Community Regeneration Fund; Scottish Screen; Dumfries and Galloway Tourist Board

Sound: sound

Colour: bwcol

Fiction: fiction

Running time: 110.45 mins

Description: Wide selection of short films entered in the Galloway Video Challenge 2002. Competitors - who range from semi-professionals to enthusiastic amateurs - have 24 hours to make their film, with an additional 12 hours allowed for editing. Material ranges from the inventive to the conventional and covers humorous, emotive, weird and dramatic topics.

The following information supplied by South West Screen Commission and Dumfries and Galloway Council]
"Galloway Video Challenge is an annual filmaking competition, which has been held in Dumfries and Galloway since 1999. Competitors - who range from semi-professionals to enthusiastic amateurs - have 24 hours to make their film, with an additional 12 hours allowed for editing. There are three categories of prizes: Best Video, Best Video edited-in-camera, and Video showing Dumfries & Galloway in an unusual or Inspirational Way.
Twenty six teams entered the 2002 Galloway Video Challenge, the largest ever number taking part, with sixteen teams coming from outside the region. The Screen Commission dealt with over 100 general enquiries about the event. As well as local coverage in the local press and radio, there was for the first time an item on Border Television about Video Challenge, showing clips of competitors' films.
A selection of videos entered in the competition were screened at the Robert Burns Centre Film Theatre, Dumfries."

For further information, see press release, breakdown of costs and screenings handout, paper archive ref. 11/1/457.

Credits: [ecs to No Face]
The Masked Man Lance Phillips; The Girl Laura Binnie; Announcer Graeme Campbell
ed. Laura Binnie; sd. Jim Leighton; p. ass. Cameron Robson; sc. Graeme Campbell, Laura Binnie; camera and d. Graeme Campbell. Thanks to Craig Nicholson (Hollows Mill Farm), Margaret Henderson (Eskidale Community Shop), Daniel Scott, Saikou Jammeh, Hannah Ireland. A Fife Film & Video Workshop Production 2002

[opening credits to Apocolypse Cow]
Staring, Maevis Moon. A Beloved Rock Production

[opening credit to Death of Conversation]
A Breaking point production

[ecs to Death of Conversation]
Dave David Weir
Kerri Karen McGowan
m. 'Epitaph (Part 2)' and 'Pacific Blues' The 64's (Copyright 2002)
camera and sd. Joanna MacIntyre
ed., w. and d. Alan McGowan
made in association with the University of Paisley
special thanks to CLT. A Breaking Point Production Copyright 2002

[opening credits to A Wee Dram]
Nimmo Productions presents a film by Colin Watson
[ecs to A Wee Dram]
Changing Times Slainte Mhor with special thanks to Bladenoch Distillery The Galloway Inn & Patrons, The Watsons & The Butlers

[opening credits to Compensation]
a film by Donald Cumming
[ecs to Compensation]
[cast list unintelligible] special thanks to Arnold Clark, Duke of Buccleuch

[ecs to Reflections]
d. and camera Kerry Mullaney; Samantha Jane Mayfield as Young Woman; Michael Charleon as Young Man; John Glover Mullaney as The Thief

[opening credits to The Great Unknown]
The Kite devised by Alison Down; Introducing John Merrill

d. Ian Snell, John Hoskins; camera Iain Snell, John Hoskins, Ewan MCGergor; Iain (naked guy), John (cuisine engineer); Ewan (Hampster Dancer); Iain (Burger muncher)

[opening credits to BIRTH, MARRIAGE AND DEATH]
Filmed in and around Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland; m. composed arranged and recorded by James McInally. Video Challenge 2002

camera Louisa MacDonald, Pollyanna Cheung, sd. Koren Calder; p. and d. Eleanor Darroch. A Stevanson College Production for the Galloway Video Challenge 2002

[ecs to THE BIG RACE]
cast Pig Nic Clark; cow Nat the Bat; Sheep Koren Calder; Random Man Bobert; Sheep sheep;
crew best boy Pete Warwick, runners Pollyanna Cheung, Alayne Stuart, p. man. Gail Frater; camera Mark Dailly; ass. d. Gerard Hesketh; d. Louisa MacDonald; original score composed by Gerard Hesketh; performed by Many Hands a Stevanson College Production for Galloway Video Challenge 2002

[ecs to CUT]
actors Nic Clark, Mark Dailly, Julie MacLeod, Pete Warwick, Gail Frater, Gerard Hesketh, Natalie Quinn; camera Gerard Hesketh, Mark Dailly, Chris Warwick; d. Pollyanna Cheung; m. Gerard Hesketh; many thanks to Gail Frate, Adam Stuart; filmed in Tanlawhill Estate; A Stevenson College production for the Galloway Video Challenge 2002

[opening credits to HEFTING]
by Bettina Sebok, Matt Zarb, Charles Holroyd and Sonja Maioli
[ecs to HEFTING]
Matt Zarb as Christopher; crew Sonja Moioli, Charles Holyroyd, Bettina Sebek; thanks to Stuart Fisher

[ecs to A LONG 24 HOURS]
filmed and ed. Noel Jones; Thanks to Elaine, John, Alison & Oli

Shotlist: [shotlisted from control track - no timecode]

title The Joint Winners Edited in Movie; Pen Pals by David McVittie (0.29) A five-minute video tour of Langholm, the Muckle Toon, a quiet place where nothing much goes on! [includes shots of rugby pitch, exts Town Hall, exts Ballosi's award winning ice-cream shop, Skipper's Brig, an amusing sequence where someone dressed up as a duck disturbs the quiet riverside, a beer garden, a new gymnasium paid for by Lottery Funds, Langholm Main Street] (5.29) A Film That Joel Made by Joe Spiers [mute] dramatic tale of a sheep rustler who tries to persuade his jailer to release him - set in and around the Borders landscape (10.45) Showing Dumfries and Galloway in an unusual / inspirational way Honourable Mentions; A Little Piece of Burns Country by Pat Mahon and Robert Letham [widescreen] title gvs landscape, including ints dairy farm, castle, Riding of the Marches, pipers, Dumfries Town Band (13.53) What Can You Get From Dumfries & Galloway by Andrew Ogdon and Leslie Greenall including gvs landscape, sailing, gvs bowling match at New Abbey Bowling Club (16.44) Winners of Dumfries and Galloway in most original/inspirational light: A Dream of Galloway by Brian and Diane Hazelden shot of candle with text ' A wise man dreamed of a land that was as many lands but in one land' (17.23) He dreamed of rich farmland gvs same (17.50) of high and empty moors gvs same (18.01) of forests....of hills.... and rivers... and sea gvs beach, children playing (18.38) He dreamed of a land with history gvs historic architecture, ruins, abbey (19.08) Where the exotic plants c/u flowers (19.34) ..are matched by the wildlife shot of goat on hillside, a red squirrel eating nuts, shot of deer (20.14) c/u candle and text A wise man dreamed all this. A wiser woman booked their holiday in Dumfries and Galloway (20.32) Overall best video Honourable mention; Express Boarding by Shaun Bythell The Stranraer Ferry is just about to leave - is our hero going to make it on time? ints and exts ferry terminal. our hero drives car along main streets to coast (23.26) he undresses to reveal he is wearing wetsuit, and manages to catch the waves made by the ferry and surf (25.08) Overall best video Joint Winners: No Face by Graeme Campbell, Laura Binney, Jim Leighton, Cameron Robson An escaped prisoner causes terror on the streets of Langholm. He is captured and shot dead just before he reveals his identity in the mirror [starts with exts Crown Hotel, Langholm] (29.49) ecs (30.00) Apocolypse Cow by David Giblin and Peter Davidson opening credits; An amazingly inspired and imaginative piece of filmmaking - or is it just a man walking around a house wearing a cow's head? (34.49) Dumfries and Galloway's Pants by Jo Hodges an irreverent take on tourist videos, with a peep at one of the region's inhabitants (the sheep) (39.48) Death of Conversation by Alan McGowan opening credit (40.05) a couple must face the aftermath of a terrible accident. Featuring dramatic exchanges between the couple inside car, ending with a shot of them mourning and placing flowers by the roadside (44.05) ecs (44.30) A Wee Dram by Colin Watson opening credits (44.55) [b&w&col] a short film about whisky - the water of life. Features shot of man drinking whisky in his room, speeded up shots, shot of waterwheel, ints Bladnoch Distillery, ints Galloway Inn where people enjoy a dram (53.01) ecs (53.28) Compensation by Helene Williams, Francis Spicer, Stuart Tilbury, Donald Cumming opening credits (54.21) A kidnapping takes place but all is not what it seems. Set in and around the Duke of Buccleuch's estate and home (1.00.00) ecs (1.00.30) 5 Postcards by Andrew Niven, Gavin Saxby, Suzanne Adamson, Jeremy Board Aberration about infidelity; Alibi a girl ends up killing boyfriend through jealousy; Attachment a tale of love (1.03.59) Trailer for the Magic Stick by Kelly King, Tony King, Andrew Worman, Shay King, Ali Nausakahi, Geoff Clout & Rosa Clout; THOSE GLEKIT BOYS a witty tale that leaves you wanting to know more! [featuring gvs landscape, two men riding mophead] (1.06.37) Destination Home by Jonathan S. Irving A sometimes scary tale of a man who tries to get home by following wooden signs and takes car lifts from strangers - it turns out it was all a bad dream (10.32) Reflections by Kerry Mullaney a fairytale with a twist, concerning a pair of young lovers, a thief and a cursed mirror [the actors are dressed in mediaeval dress] (15.02) ecs (15.20) THE GREAT UNKNOWN by John Merrill opening credits; a fly on the wall record of a man's unsuccessful attempt to fly a kite on the beach (ends up burying it in sand!) (1.20.26) [mute] HOW TO COOK A BURGER by Iain Snell, John Hoskins and Ewen McGregor A group of teenage friends attempt to cook the perfect burger How to cook a burger in 5 simple steps; Step 1: Buy the right ingredients (21.47) Step 2: Follow instructions on box (1.22.26) Step 3: Find a way to entertain yourself while the burger cooks young man dresses up and dances (1.22.49) Step 4: Add Seasoning including soy sauce, HP sauce, lemon juice, salt & pepper, banana, and a cherry on top (1.23.37) Step 5: Eat (1.24.38) ecs (1.24.50) [mute] Birth, Marriage and Death by James McInally [opening credits] [mute] Birth (1.25.26) exts The Thomas Hope Hospital gvs building silhouetted against sky; ints c/u baby (1.26.40) view panning bay MARRIAGE marriage at the anvil at Gretna Green, images of love including children, superimposed poetry by Robert Burns on screen (1.29.08) DEATH images of same, including c/u skulls (1.29.59) Three Films by Stevenson College; BELLA GREEN LOCAL ARTIST i/v Bella Green in her workshop (1.33.29) (1.33.45) THE BIG RACE three people with sheep, cow and pig masks on, run about the country lanes and village streets (1.37.09) ecs (1.37.28) CUT a pair of friends decide to get rid of the competition in the Galloway Video Challenge - except after killing all their competitors, they miss the entry deadline! (1.39.36) ecs (1.40.14) HEFTING [opening credits] an academic researcher from England comes to Dumfries and Galloway to complete his research into the regional accents of sheep! (1.44.58) ecs (1.45.22) A LONG 24 HOURS by Noel Jones gvs landscape and sounds of nature around Dumfries and Galloway (1.50.33) ecs (1.50.38) THE END GALLOWAY VIDEO CHALLENGE 2002 (1.50.45)