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Reference number: 6070

Date: 1959

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 24.58 mins

Description: A Brown Brothers Works Picnic at Beveridge Park, Kirkcaldy in 1959. Beginning with the journey across the Forth Rail Bridge, the film captures the fun young and old had playing games, sports and picnicking on a sunny day.

Shotlist: [shotlisted from LTC timecode, Beta SP]

(00.00) title; c/u train carriage SC16410M, assorted smiling faces of children and adults as they look out from carriage windows, some latecomers board train towards end of sequence (01.15) shot taken from train as it pulls out of station, some people wave goodbye from the platform, there is a brief shot of a luggage carrier (01.31) passing South Queensferry as the train goes onto the Forth Rail Bridge (01.49) elevated shot from moving train looking down at queue of cars below, waiting for ferry (02.00) view of car ferry as it crosses the Forth (02.10) tracking shots of Forth as seen from Bridge and views of North Queensferry (02.37) gvs as everyone crowds off train and files their way past the camera and out of the station (04.21) a policeman directs the crowds as they walk along the main street, Kirkcaldy - the streets have hardly any traffic (06.30) gvs in Beveridge Park, Kirkcaldy, as people settle on wooden benches. There are children playing games and eating ice cream, babies being pushed in prams and a brief shot of a lady changing her baby's nappy. Women and men gossip and laugh (08.05) two young boys kick a ball about with adults (08.15) gvs skipping rope game as people jump in and out (09.11) women dance together, 'jive' (09.37) gvs men playing football (09.58) gvs park full of people, more gvs football match (10.59) gvs park, people of all ages playing together and enjoying themselves. Games include 'Grand Old Duke Of York' (12.29) women's running races (15.00) men's running races (15.09) children's sack race (16.39) toddler's race (17.06) girls collect their prizes (17.16) gvs various children's races (18.07) some ladies look on at further children's races (19.17) young women's race - some of them take their high heels off before running (20.49) shot of ladies at the tea urns with teapots etc laid out on table. gvs as picnic is distributed, shots of people collecting their picnic from tables, eating and drinking in park (22.04) couples waltz as an accordionist plays (22.46) view of the formal gardens, well kept flowers and trees. People gather beside fountain, children fish for tadpoles in pond, c/u waterlilies (23.35) people queue up at pond, gvs rowing boats (24.43) final view across a crowded Beveridge Park - The End (24.58)