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William Johnston’s artwork is prepared for printing at the Edinburgh Print Workshop. (clip) New video

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  • Arts and crafts
  • Education


  • Documentary


  • 1980s

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Reference number: 5792

Date: 1981+

Director: d. Steve Clark-Hall

Sponsor: Scottish Arts Council

Production company: Sidhartha Film

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 23.57 mins

Description: Artist William Johnstone creating prints to illustrate a book of poetry.

Credits: comm. s. Henry Stamper.
electrician Bill Watkins.
p. ass. Carol Haynes.
rostrum Wolff Productions.
ass. ed. David Brown.
cam. ass. Norrie Halley; Tom Hilton.
sd. Ian Leslie.
ph. David Peat
ed. Brian Crumlish

[lithographic printer Kenneth Duffy]
painter William Johnstone
graphic designer James Gardner]

Shotlist: title (0.08) gvs of William Johnstone (painter), Ken Duffy (printer), James Gardner (graphic designer) (0.24) c/u of Edwin Muir's poem title 'The Labyrinth', gvs of empty work studio (0.58) gvs of Johnstone working to create prints and Duffy and Gardner looking at them (3.36) c/u of poem 'When The Trees Grow Bare On The High Hills' (3.39) gvs of Johnstone drawing with feather and ink (5.06) c/u of poem title 'The Labyrinth' (5.08) time lapsed footage of ink drying on paper (5.45) c/u of poem title 'The Late Wasp' (5.49) gvs of Johnstone creating wasp print (7.09) c/u of poem title 'The Bird' (7.13) gvs of resulting print (8.41) c/u of poem title 'The Annunciation' (8.45) gvs of print (12.31) gvs of printer treating prints and printing them in press (16.12) gvs of Johnstone, Duffy and Gardner looking at and analysing resulting pictures next to poems, gvs of finalised book pages and Johnstone signing his name on last page (23.22) ecs (23.57)